William Katz:  Urgent Agenda







THE WORLD RUMBLES:   We are five and a half weeks away from the election, and it's understandable that we're focused on that, and the hurricane that is still assaulting us.

But it's distressing that we're running an election campaign with hardly a mention of foreign policy.  At one time, within our lifetime, that would have been impossible.  Americans had established a maturity forced on them by Depression and war.  Today, too many Americans have lost sight of the fact that what happens in Asia may result in the drafting of a boy in Des Moines. 

So I hope you will consider that parts of Iran are in revolt, with more than 80 dead.  The administration seems little interested.  They act almost as if the Iranian nation's wish for liberation is an annoyance, a distraction from the more important work of finishing the nuclear agreement with Iran so billions of dollars can be given to the Iranian regime, an enemy of the United States.  Who is behind this twisted notion?  Where will it take this nation?

And note that Russia, a mortal enemy, has just annexed a chunk of Ukraine.  While Washington and its allies have declared the annexation invalid, the war there, the largest ground war in Europe since World War II, grinds on, with Ukraine far from a top priority in polls of Americans.  Are we seeing a repeat of the indifference that left us so unprepared to fight Hitler?  NATO members in Eastern Europe fear they will be next if Russia decides to go to all-out warfare. 

Silence in our campaigns.  Silence from the national leadership.  We're presumably not supposed to care any longer. 

China, the ultimate enemy, must be amused.  The Chinese leaders crave Taiwan, and they are probably calculating whether this is the time to try to take it.  We certainly don't look very fierce, with Field Marshal Biden and Private Harris in charge of the United States.  When you flash weakness, the chances of a major war increase.

Oh, and North Korea is testing a new generation of advanced missiles.  Remember North Korea?

September 30, 2022