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CORRECTING A HUGE MISTAKE.  The mistake, made by conservatives, was ignoring local elections, especially school board elections.  As a nation, we paid the price, watching leftist school boards, even in conservative communities, impose their will on our children.  But conservatives, led by irate mothers, are correcting the mistake.  From the Washington Examiner: 

Conservative candidates campaigning to flip dozens of school board seats across the country are hoping a trend that began last year continues through the November elections.
In the midst of an off-year election cycle last year that saw Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R-VA) defeat his Democratic opponent, Terry McAuliffe, on a campaign platform that heavily emphasized parental rights, Ryan Girdusky's 1776 Project PAC helped several dozen conservative school board candidates defeat liberal incumbents in multiple states.

Now, as the calendar nears the 2022 midterm elections, candidates backed by Girdusky's unique political action committee have continued to rack up victories all over the country, and the political activist sees more on the horizon.

"A lot of Republican voters are parents and grandparents, and they are concerned with the state of public education and where it's going," Girdusky told the Washington Examiner, noting that the politicization of education is serving as a motivator to voters.

"These people have to get up, and they have to go vote," he said. "In a lot of these areas, we struck record-breaking turnout for conservative candidates for school board because they wanted to make sure their children are not being force-fed liberal indoctrination."

The group announced a new slate of endorsements on Tuesday, with the PAC supporting candidates in races in Michigan, Virginia, Maryland, Texas, Arkansas, and elsewhere.

The group's efforts garnered significant attention in August after a number of candidates in Florida supported by the PAC won school board elections all across the state. Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) took the unusual step of endorsing a cohort of candidates himself, many of whom were also supported by the committee. In the aftermath of those victories, Girdusky said his PAC was inundated with requests from over 300 school board candidates seeking an endorsement.

The wave of endorsement applications was far more than the PAC could handle, Girdusky said, noting there's "a lot of time and attention and energy that goes into these races, and we just don't have the bandwidth."

With the successes in Florida, Girdusky and others want to see more high-profile politicians follow DeSantis's lead and weigh in on school board races.

"I'd like to see them get involved. I'd like to see them have a long-term vision on public education," Girdusky said, noting that Youngkin has reportedly mused endorsing school board candidates.

Laura Zorc, a former member of the Florida-based Indian River County School Board and the director of education reform at Building Education for Students Together, which trains school board candidates, said high-profile endorsements give candidates an added layer of legitimacy in races that are often overlooked by voters.

COMMENT:  Please read the rest.  This is the way to do it.  Our side must win as many school board seats as possible to reverse the tragic decline of our schools.  But be on guard.  It won't be long before the left, and that includes the teachers' unions, realize what's happening.  Then, look for attempts to pass legislation restricting the power of the boards.  To the left, everything is about power.  The good of the children is of no significance.

September 30, 2022