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THIS IS NUTS:  EMPLOYEES OF THE NEW YORK TIMES ARE DEEPLY UPSET.  FROM THE NEW YORK POST:   The New York Times expects employees to start returning to the office three days a week starting this week — but more than 1,300 journalists are saying hell no, they won’t go.  It’s just the latest blow in the increasingly bitter contract dispute between the News Guild journalists union — which includes reporters and photographers, as well as some editors and business-side employees — and upper management, over wages.  As of Monday, 1,316 Times workers had signed a pledge not to return to the office. This includes 879 members of the News Guild, but also members of the Times Tech Guild and the union for Wirecutter, the paper’s product-recommendation spinoff.  “People are livid,” Tom Coffey told The Post. A 25-year veteran editor at the NYT, he works on the news desk and serves on the union’s Contract Action Committee.  He added that being forced to return to the office during a period of high inflation means workers will have to spend more money on gas, mass transit, clothing and lunches, despite the lack of salary increases.  NYT video journalist Haley Willis tweeted today: “The @nytimes is giving employees branded lunch boxes this week as a return-to-office perk. We want respect and a fair contract instead — so I’m working from home this week along with 1,300 of my @NYTimesGuild and @NYTGuildTech colleagues, with support from @WirecutterUnion.”  Branded lunch boxes?  To impress whom?  Maybe this bitter experience will teach The Times and its people that there's a real world out there, not just an ideological world.

IRAN COMMENTS ON THE DEATH OF QUEEN ELIZABETH II.  Apparently, the late sovereign was the equal of Adolf Hitler.  Watch the YOUTUBE video.  It is incredible that we still negotiate with, and make concessions to, a government that puts out this vile stuff.  Where is our dignity?

September 12-13