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WHAT'S HOLDING THE GOP BACK?  We are seeing more and more articles pointing to factors that are suppressing the expected GOP landslide.  The bigs in the GOP must listen.  From the Washington Times: 

The Republican Party needs to ramp up its election outreach or lose voter support, at least according to a very succinct survey. 

Indeed, the proverbial Grand Old Party may not be so grand right now. The GOP’s popular appeal is not resonating with voters as the clock relentlessly ticks toward Election Day.

“Have Republicans made a strong enough case as to why they should earn your support in the 2022 midterm elections?” asks a Trafalgar Group poll of “likely general election voters” released Tuesday.

And the results: 56% of the respondents said the GOP message has not reached them, a third agreed that the party had made a strong enough case to make their point, while the rest were unsure.

“Considering the failure of Afghanistan, inflation, student loans, the recession we are in, the attempted vaccine mandates, the border, and President Biden’s dark and dangerous speech recently, the Biden administration has been a complete disaster, and his record low approval numbers show that. Logically, one would think that national Republicans would be riding high, able to take advantage of this situation to create momentum,” said Mark Meckler, president of the Convention of States, in a written statement shared with Inside the Beltway.

“Yet, the fact is the feckless leadership, poor communication, and what appears to be a non-existent strategy is causing voters to say loud and clear: you need to try harder. If the GOP thinks they are just going to win this thing by not being Joe Biden, they are sorely mistaken,” he added.

But back to the numbers.

A hefty 87% of Democrats said Republicans had failed to make their case, along with 57% of independents, and even 26% of Republican voters themselves.

The poll also found that 64% of voters ages 25-34 and 61% of those ages 35-44 also agreed that the GOP had not made that “strong enough case” to win their support.

The numbers were highest among Black voters (69%) and Hispanic voters (63%) — though 54% of White voters also said the GOP message was missing.

Message to the Republican Party: Get a message.

COMMENT:  The message is correct.  We've said it here before.  Republicans can't just be against Biden.  They have to be for something.  The voting public wants to know what the GOP will do to get us out of our current mess, and they're not hearing it.

We hear that the GOP is about to unveil its vision of the future.  The unveiling had better come before the election.  And it must focus on the winning issues for Republicans, not their philosophy of life.  Education.  Killing inflation.  Crime.  Restoring the spirit of the country. 

The message must be optimistic.  Reagan told us, "It's morning in America."  Today's Republicans sometimes settle for "Biden is bad."  Morning wins.

Can you believe that September is half over?  There's not much time until election day.  This will be a turnout election.  If you want to win, you've got to get your people to the polls.  Some Democrats are newly animated over the abortion issue.  Republicans  must be so driven on election day that they'd go through a tornado to vote.

September 12-13