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APPROVAL OF EDUCATION SYSTEM DROPPING IN U.S.:  It isn't just an impression that we get from the news.  Increasingly, American parents are fed up with their children's schools.  From Fox:

Americans are becoming less satisfied with the state of K-12 education, with curriculum and educational approach being cited as the top issue, according to a Gallup survey released last week.

Only 42 percent of Americans said they are completely or somewhat satisfied with K-12 education in the United States, compared to 51 percent in 2019. Only 9 percent said they are completely satisfied with the education students receive, while 2 percent said they have no opinion.

Of those who were dissatisfied with public education, 65 percent highlighted issues with curriculum and educational standards, while 28 percent mentioned a lack of resources and 17 percent mentioned political concerns...

...Much of the dissatisfaction with education is driven by Republicans, where satisfaction has plummeted to 30 percent, compared to 51 percent among Democrats. This trend was not represented when parents discussed their own child’s education, though. Seventy-four percent of Republican-leaning parents were satisfied with their own children’s education, and 85 percent of Democrat-leaning parents were satisfied with their children’s education.

The concern over curriculum and education was relatively similar for Republicans and Democrats, at 58 percent and 52 percent respectively. Democrats, though, were more concerned with a lack of resources, while Republicans were more concerned with political agendas being brought into the classroom.

COMMENT:  The declining American educational system is becoming a major political issue.  We hear of more and more parents taking their children out of public schools.  Glenn Youngkin, the new Republican governor of Virginia, won his election largely on the basis of a parents' revolt against the state's educational system, especially the introduction of partisan politics into the classroom. 

Republicans should place education front and center.  Virginia set the tone.

September 7, 2022