William Katz:  Urgent Agenda







WHAT A WONDERFUL SET OF PRIORITIES.  FROM, YES, BLABBERBUZZ:   Virgin Atlantic is an airline that sees many passengers complain about rising prices.  However, instead of focusing on that, they've found something else to spend their mental energy on. So, what's the priority?.  According to The Daily Mail, "Staff including plane crew and pilots will be able to choose which uniform they wear: the company's 'red' option, previously most commonly worn by female flight attendants, or the 'burgundy' option, previously worn by male flight attendants."
The Daily Mail continues, "This includes allowing men to wear skirts and women to wear trousers, as well as increasing the uniform options available to non-binary staff members."  They're also going to introduce pronoun badges to be more inclusive. Virgin has made a significant effort to facilitate this. According to the Daily Mail states, Virgin Atlantic is working with Michelle Visage, RuPaul's Drag Race star, in a bid to "reflect the diversity of its workforce."  "The airline wants to offer its staff a fluid approach to its red and burgundy uniforms, meaning LGBTQ+ colleagues will be able to choose either the red or the burgundy uniform, depending on which best reflects themselves." The Daily Mail stated.  "Ladies and gentlemen, and others beyond the binary, we're at 30,000 feet and we have a problem with one of our engines.  Let me just slip into my nightie and we'll start to fix it."  No, no.

October 1, 2022