William Katz:  Urgent Agenda








MAGA policies may be out, if you listen to President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, and every other Democrat — who are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on negative campaign ads aimed at Republican candidates — but, according to a recent eye-opening poll, those very same policies are very much in, as far as common-sense Americans are concerned.  

Hold on to your hats for this one: An ABC News/Washington Post poll of registered voters shows that Republicans are 21 points up against Democrats in battleground districts across the country. That’s right, 21 points. These aren’t even just likely voters — they are registered voters — and many key pollsters think Republican voters don’t even want to answer polling surveys because the FBI might take their cellphones away. 

Looking at just races rated at least somewhat competitive by ABC’s FiveThirtyEight model, voters favor GOP candidates 55 percent to 34 percent. Overall, by the way, the likely voter subheading showed a 51-46 Republican-Democratic split. 

Here’s the actual most important key message in this poll: The GOP is favored in three of the four issues rated most important by voters, the economy (considered important by 84 percent), education (77 percent), inflation (76 percent), and crime (69 percent). 

On the economy, the GOP is plus-16, on inflation plus-19, and on crime plus-14. Democrats have a plus-6 for education and schools, though frankly I don’t see how that's possible with the growing populist support for parental rights in their kids’ education.  

Historically, when a president’s approval is less than 50 percent — and Mr. Biden is way below that, actually 42 percent in the latest Rasmussen poll — his party has lost an average of 37 seats.  

These numbers put an even greater importance on the “Commitment to America” developed by Representative Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans. The “Commitment to America” lays out a roadmap that emphasizes lower federal spending to fight inflation, tax cuts and deregulation to grow the economy out of recession, and energy independence to increase fossil fracking permits, reduce reliance on foreign countries, and lower blackouts and gas and electricity costs.  

Under Mr. Biden’s radical war against fossil fuels, electricity costs have increased 22 percent and utilities and piped gas services 47 percent. Roughly 20 million households are behind on utility bills and 26 percent of Americans have been forced to reduce basic expenses like food and medicine in order to pay skyrocketing energy bills.  

Also in the “Commitment to America,” the roadmap emphasizes securing the border and combating illegal immigrants, reducing crime by hiring cops, and cracking down on crazy, woke prosecutors and DAs who favor criminals over victims. There’s also a section on criminalizing all forms of the scourge of fentanyl.  

The “Commitment to America” supports the parents’ bill of rights, parental choice in schools, and healthcare reform through transparency and competition. The roadmap aims to fight for free speech, protecting the lives of unborn children and their mothers, religious freedom, and safeguarding the Second Amendment. Also, there’s a strong commitment to rein in government abuse of power and corruption through tough resolutions of inquiry to guarantee proper oversight. 

COMMENT:  Please read the rest.  It's an optimistic report, not a bad thing to have these days.  But we caution, as we always do, that polls are snapshots in time and subject to change.  The only poll that will count will be the one on election day.  Turnout will be key to who wins that one.

October 2, 2022