William Katz:  Urgent Agenda









THE DUD:  From Fox:   NBC News reported on Monday that Vice President Kamala Harris has the dubious distinction of having the lowest net-negative rating of modern vice presidents in the history of their polling.  According to a new NBC News poll, only 32% of registered voters have a positive view of Harris, compared to 49% with a negative view, including 39% with a "very negative view." This leaves Harris with a net -17 rating, which NBC News noted is "the lowest for any vice president in the poll’s history." Harris' -17 net rating lined up against the last four vice presidents during their tenures, with Mike Pence -4 in Oct. 2019, Joe Biden +1 in Dec. 2010, Dick Cheney +23 in May 2003, and Al Gore +15 in March 1995.  This is what happens when a candidate is chosen on the basis of identity, rather than quality.  And that identity mentality continues to be dominant in the Democratic Party.  Kamala Harris is still one heartbeat away from the presidency, and that heartbeat appears weak.

MYSTIQUE OF THE COLLEGE EDUCATION COLLAPSING:  From Campus Reform: According to a new report from EAB, an education consulting firm, high schoolers are increasingly feeling mentally unprepared for college as more students express that a degree may not be worth the cost.  “A growing number of high school students point to concerns over affordability as well as academic and mental health preparedness as primary reasons behind their decision not to enroll in college,” EAB stated. “The report summarizes the results of a new survey of more than 20,000 ‘Gen P’ high school students—those whose college-going behaviors have been influenced by the [COVID-19] pandemic.”  Each year, EAB conducts a survey of approximately 20,000 high schoolers to poll students about their college plans.  EAB’s latest findings revealed that 20 percent of students who decided not to attend college immediately after high school indicated that higher education was not worth the cost — a rise from the pre-pandemic level of 8 percent in 2019.  The report also found that 22 percent of high schoolers who declined to pursue a college education felt that they were “not mentally ready for college.” This was an increase from 14 percent reported in 2019.  EAB also cited the National Student Clearinghouse in noting that undergraduate enrollment is down by 1 million students since the coronavirus outbreak of 2019-2020.  It's time for the nation to take a hard look at our colleges and universities.  Any honest accounting would show that many are glorified high schools, and that others have surrendered to wokeness and other social trends.  There is good education available, but the cost in money and time may outweigh the benefits. 

June 26, 2023