William Katz:  Urgent Agenda






REALITY:   It hasn't been a great two weeks for huge events.  Or has it?  Look at any of the main headline sites and the headlines are small.  It's summer.  Many of the biggest shots aren't shooting in the summer heat.  There is, perhaps, a summer sleepiness in the news business.

But, quietly, some major events may well be creeping up on us, and one of them is a growing realization that the president, like his Trumpian opponent, can be facing serious legal consequences.   Despite the best efforts of his friends in the press, the evidence is building and building that Mr. Biden, and his breathtakingly pathetic son, Hunter, aren't quite on the level.  From the New York Post: 

There are 472 days until the 2024 presidential election.

Does Joe Biden really think he can camp in the White House basement until then, dodging every question about his son Hunter, foreign bribes and Department of Justice coverups?

He may try to hide behind the skirts of MSNBC anchors, but Americans are demanding answers on a series of scandalous revelations:

The head of Ukrainian gas company Burisma laid out in stark terms to a credible FBI informant exactly when he had Hunter Biden on the payroll. He needed the then-vice president’s son to solve problems and get a prosecutor fired.

That Burisma executive, Mykola Zlochevsky, said he was “pressured” to pay Hunter $5 million, and Joe Biden another $5 million, for their assistance.

We know Hunter was paid this money; it’s documented. We also know he had no expertise in oil and gas, was addicted to drugs, and dropped his father’s name with clients. So what other possible reason was there for him to be paid by Burisma except to influence Joe?

But when investigators tried to probe the $17 million Hunter Biden made from foreign clients, they were blocked at every turn, testified two IRS whistleblowers. Hunter was tipped off to a possible interview. Agents were told they couldn’t search the Biden home.

Felony charges were suddenly downgraded to misdemeanors. A whole IRS team of probers was sidelined after years of work.

After spending years praising the “courage” of whistleblowers against Donald Trump, Democrats now impugn these on-the-record government employees, blasting their testimony without disputing it.

Former Hunter business partner Tony Bobulinski said he met with Joe Biden about a possible deal with China-based energy firm CEFC. Emails confirm Joe was set to enter a partnership with Hunter and Bobulinski after leaving office.

Despite this, and despite the fact that Joe was in charge of Ukraine policy while serving as veep, the senior Biden has said repeatedly he “never” talked about business with his son. How is that credible?

None of this is rumor or conspiracy theory. It’s backed up with bank records, pictures, witnesses, even Joe Biden’s own words.

COMMENT:  Read the rest.  It will take a concerted effort by Republican leaders and ethical journalists, as well as the focused attention of the American people, to move this outrage to the next level, but I believe it will happen.  There is a limit to the patience and indulgence of the public.

If the story is suppressed, it will be a legal and journalistic scandal of the first magnitude. 

July 22, 2023