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THE MOST WATCHED GOVERNOR'S RACE THIS YEAR:  It is in Kentucky, which votes for governor this November, and there are important developments.  From Fox: 

EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Cameron, Kentucky's Republican attorney general and nominee for governor, is upping his attacks against incumbent Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear's handling of violent crime across the commonwealth following a major police group flipping its endorsement to the GOP challenger.

Speaking with Fox News Digital just weeks from Election Day in the most highly anticipated race of the year, Cameron touted the Kentucky State Fraternal Order of Police's (FOP) endorsement flip after endorsing Beshear in 2019, arguing it was the result of the "havoc" unleashed by the governor on Kentucky communities when it came to violent crime.

"I think the Kentucky state FOP, which is the largest law enforcement organization in the state, has shown great confidence in our campaign and our commitment to standing up for our law enforcement community, which is in contrast with Andy Beshear, who only does it when it is convenient," Cameron said.

"This governor unleashed havoc on our communities in many ways. Here's a governor that in 2020 let out 1,700 criminals from jail — and a third of those recommitted offenses in our communities," he said, referencing Beshear's early release of some inmates amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The FOP's flip to Cameron, although significant, isn't the first time the group has shifted its support between parties. In addition to Beshear in 2019, the group also endorsed the Democratic candidate for governor in 2015 and 2007, but switched to the Republican candidate in 2011. The group's endorsed candidates in 2011 and 2015 were not elected.

Cameron told Fox that law enforcement wanted "leadership in the governor's office that's going to back them not only in word, but also in deed," and said he would implement policies aimed at recruiting and retaining officers, as well as establish a Kentucky State Police post in Louisville, the largest city in the commonwealth.

Last month, Cameron unveiled a 12-point public safety plan to rein in crime across Kentucky, which includes, in addition to his previously mentioned policies, pursuing the death penalty for someone who murders a police officer, reforming the parole board, increased penalties for drug traffickers who kill Kentuckians, and passing a standalone carjacking statute.

When asked about the plan, Cameron said he wanted it to be a model for other states across the country dealing with increased crime, including Democrat-led states like California, New York and Illinois. 

COMMENT:  Cameron is an African-American, running in a border state.  If he can flip the governorship, he will instantly become a national figure and a contender for vice president on the Republican ticket. 

Watch this race closely.  If our side wins, our morale will soar.

August 30, 2023