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REPORT FROM PRINCETON, WITH ALMOST A SMILE:  The old school actually has conservatives, and some of them are happy.  From College Fix:  Just over 11 percent of the Princeton University freshmen students are “somewhat right-leaning” or “very right-leaning,” according to The Daily Princetonian’s third annual “Frosh Survey.”  Only 7.6 percent have a “somewhat favorable” or “strongly favorable” view of the Republican Party, the undergraduate campus newspaper survey found. In contrast, 40.6 percent of freshmen said they are “somewhat left-leaning,” while 27.7 percent described themselves as “very left-leaning,” according to the survey.  One freshman who spoke to The College Fix said there is a supportive community of conservatives on campus, but there is definitely a “leftward lean” at Princeton.  “Whether it be mandatory DEI training in orientation or disparaging comments of President Trump in a lecture, there’s no denying the leftward lean of campus politics,” freshman Joseph Tyson told The College Fix via email. “However, I have been pleasantly surprised to find a vibrant conservative community that supports each other as the ideological minority,” he stated.  “While I wouldn’t go as far to say I feel comfortable to share all my views openly at any time on campus, I feel supported as a campus conservative and have a space to share my true beliefs unfiltered,” Tyson wrote.  That's a better report than I would have expected.  Maybe there's some light at the end of the tunnel, although I don't think there'll be a Ronald Reagan Hall at Princeton just yet.

September 27, 2022