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COURAGE, AND THAT'S WHAT IT TAKES:  A new group of college professors put their careers on the line by forming an organization promoting real free speech on college campuses.  You may be sure that each professor will be targeted for this outrageous stand.  From College Fix:

Professors from across the state of California and a wide range of scholarly disciplines have one major thing in common — they are willing to defend free speech and academic freedom at a time when doing so publicly can literally put their jobs in jeopardy.

Nearly 160 professors from all 23 California State University campuses have signed an open letter stating “intellectual discourse and scholarly truth-seeking require open debate and free inquiry.”

“All ideas are subject to scrutiny and critique. Illiberal tactics that silence opinions and discourage dissent in the academy should be rejected,” the letter states, citing tactics such as mandatory ideological statements, cancel culture and administrative discipline without due process as part of the problem.

The open letter comes at a time when professors are expected to support diversity, equity and inclusion in efforts such as teaching, research and service — mandatory criteria during hiring and tenure reviews.

San Diego State University English Professor Peter Herman, one of the letter’s signers, praised his fellow signatories for their courage.

“It is one thing for full professors to sign a letter like this, it is quite another for an associate, an assistant, and God knows, an adjunct — a lecturer — to sign something like this,” said Herman, a full professor, in an interview with The College Fix.

A few like-minded professors from across the system, which employs about 56,000 faculty and staff, began to connect online about a year ago to discuss concerns about how diversity, equity and inclusion requirements on campuses have actually stifled open debate and free inquiry.

“The talk on campus is about building community, but it is a forced community,” said Arlette Baljon, an associate professor of physics at San Diego State University and another of the letter’s signers, in an interview with The College Fix.

During their online meetings, the scholars “felt free to express opinions that, until then, were either whispered in hallways or kept to themselves,” according to the group’s organizers.

The open letter is a result of that budding online group.

COMMENT:  Definitely read the rest.  It is well worth it.  Our kids aren't being educated in college.  They're being indoctrinated, and every indoctrinated student becomes an ideological soldier for this nation's enemies.  In fact, that may be the whole point of the thing, but so-called journalists refuse to ask probing questions. 

September 15-16