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FLORIDA INCREASINGLY RED:  Republican registration is way up in the nation's third most populous state.  From Breitbart:

Florida Republicans are continuing to grow their advantage over Democrats in the Sunshine State, now besting them by over 260,000 voters statewide, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) announced on Tuesday.

Speaking from Fort Myers this week, DeSantis highlighted the shift the Sunshine State has experienced in terms of voter registration in the last few years.

Roughly four years ago, when DeSantis was running for governor against Andrew Gillum, “there were like 275,000 more Democrats than Republicans in the state of Florida,” the governor said, noting that Florida never had more registered Republicans than Democrats in the state’s history.

However, that all changed in 2021, after the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, as Republicans finally overtook Democrats for the first time late in the year.

The figure continued to grow, as Republicans surpassed Democrats by 100,000 in March 2022. Then, in July, that figure doubled, with Republicans leading Democrats by 200,000 registered voters.

That trend is continuing, the governor said this week, as “Republicans have an advantage of 267,000” in voter registration.

“I’ll tell you the people that are coming to Palm Beach, they’re registering overwhelmingly as Republicans. You look at what we’re doing in Miami-Dade. It’s fantastic,” he said, likely referencing the gains Republicans have made, particularly with Hispanic voters as Republicans actually have the edge in Miami-Dade among Hispanic voters, leading by nearly 75,000 as of September 1.

“Part of it, I think, is because we’ve done a good job and people have responded to that,” DeSantis added. “But I do acknowledge some of that is because people look at Biden and they’re like, I don’t want anything to do with that.”

COMMENT:  Good so far, and another feather in the governor's cap.  But I want to see this advantage turned into actual votes on election day.  Right now the polls in both the Senate and gubernatorial races are fairly close, closer than we'd like.  The Florida Republicans will have to work day and night to put their registration advantage to good use.

September 10, 2022