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LET'S NOT FORGET THERE'S A WAR ON:  Ukraine has apparently won a victory.  From the New York Post: 

Moscow’s state-run TV outlet made a rare admission of battlefield losses Friday, with an acknowledgment that Ukraine had achieved a “substantial victory” in breaking through Russian lines this week.

“The very fact of a breach of our defenses is already a substantial victory for the Ukrainian armed forces,” Vitaly Ganchev, the head of Russia’s occupation forces in the Kharkiv province, said on Russian state TV. 

“The enemy is being delayed as much as possible, but several settlements have already come under the control of Ukrainian armed formations.”

The admission is also a notable indication of Russian surprise at the Ukrainian counterattack, given the Kremlin’s blanket ban on any war reports that break from official accounts.

The broadcast comes a day after Ukraine made a major advance from Kharkiv towards the contested Donbas region of eastern Ukraine. 

The surprise assault caught Russian troops off guard, as many of Moscow’s resources had already been shifted southward to block Kyiv’s much-telegraphed attempt to liberate Kherson in the south.

Ukrainian officials indicated the tactic was intentional, and that Kyiv’s publicized focus on Kherson was used to draw troops away from Russian supply lines in the north.

“We found a weak spot where the enemy wasn’t ready,” as Ukrainian presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovych put it in a video posted on YouTube.

Ganchev said occupation forces were evacuating civilians from several cities in anticipation of further Ukrainian gains — including in Izyum, a northeastern city that has served as a resupply hub for Russian forces operating in the Donbas.

Arestovych said Friday that Russian forces in Izyum were almost cut off from the main Russian force.

The Ukrainian also claimed that hundreds of Russians had been captured and hundreds more killed in the few days of fighting.

The Russian Ministry of Defense released a video Friday that purported to show reinforcements rushing into the area to stem the Ukrainian tide.

COMMENT:  As Johnny Carson used to say, "How quickly they forget."  When Russia first invaded Ukraine, we had wall-to-wall TV coverage.  Now, people seem almost unaware that the war is continuing.  But it is, and it still poses a severe danger to world peace.  This is the first ground war in Europe since 1945.  If the Russians can get away with their Ukraine land grab, they may be tempted to strike elsewhere.  Countries in eastern Europe are clearly frightened.

We learned the hard way in the late 1930s and early 1940s the importance of stopping aggression early.  It's a virus.  If not stopped, it expands.  Then we will have our hands full.

September 9, 2022