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Geez, this is awful.  He's the president, and listen to him.  From Fox:

Conservatives on Twitter ripped into President Joe Biden’s latest gaffe from Friday night, in which he claimed that Democrats campaigned in "54 states" in 2018 to defend Obamacare.

During his Friday evening remarks at the "Pennsylvania Democratic Party Reception," Biden touted his party’s success in protecting the Affordable Care Act from being dismantled during former President Donald Trump’s term.

Trump had campaigned on replacing Obamacare, though as Biden claimed Friday, Democrats campaigned hard in 2018 to prevent that from happening. In his speech, he warned that the GOP will go after their health care if they gain the congressional majority.

Two-thirds of the way through his address, Biden said, "And, of course, they’re going try for their 499th time, or whatever the number is — they’re still determined to eliminate the Affordable Care Act. And, by the way, if they do, that means — not a joke, everybody."

Then he made his latest viral statement. He said, "That’s why we defeated it in 2018 when they tried to do it. We went to 54 states."

He added, "The reason is people didn’t realize that the only reason anybody who has a pre-existing condition can get health care is because of that Affordable Care Act," and warned that "these protections will be gone as well if Republicans get their way."

Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Co., blasted Biden for the apparent gaffe, tweeting, "Joe Biden now says there are 54 states. I guess if you count the states of denial, confusion, delusion and disaster that his Regime has caused he just might be on to something."

RealClearPolitics president Tom Bevan mocked Biden and former President Obama – who once claimed there were "57 states" in a speech – in his tweet, stating, "Looks like we've lost 3 states since 2008!"

Actor and Hollywood conservative Rob Schneider tweeted, "Biden says there are 54 states in America. Next speech he will explain the 81 million votes…"

COMMENT:  Maybe sometimes we'll laugh, but this isn't funny.  We've concentrated recently on the cognitive abilities of a Democratic Senate candidate in Pennsylvania.  Yes, that's important, but the president is vastly more important.  He has his hand on the nuclear trigger.  He may have to make life-or-death decisions in the middle of the night.  He may have to ask precise questions of military advisers, and become confused in the process.

This is just not acceptable except, apparently, in the Democratic Party.  We need a national, bipartisan, high-level medical panel to screen every candidate for the presidency and vice presidency.  Donald Trump took a cognitive test while in the White House, and passed it.  It should be a requirement by law. 

We don't have royalty in America.  The president is chief of state.  We routinely examine a candidate's tax returns.  How about his brain?

October 29, 2022