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ANOTHER GROUP MOVES RIGHT:  We've seen a great deal about the dramatic movement right of our Hispanic communities.  There are also others on the same path, although maybe not to the same degree.  American blacks, understandably frustrated by their lack of progress under the Democrats, are taking a careful look rightward.  This could be devastating to the Democratic Party.  From Newsweek:

Election day is two weeks away, and the Left is freaking out about losses among minority voters such as Blacks, once a reliable base of support. The signs of the freakout are everywhere, but especially in the desperate, wacky, and downright insulting tactics they are currently employing to lure, nudge, and shame Blacks into voting for liberal candidates.

Let's start with the insulting. MSNBC host Tiffany Cross slammed the Republican National Committee's slate of "diverse" Republican congressional candidates, saying "faces of color do not always equate to voices of color." She then tokenized minority Republicans, including those currently serving in Congress such as Senators Ted Cruz, Tim Scott, and Marco Rubio, and Representatives Byron Donalds, Mayra Flores, Nicole Malliotakis, Burgess Owens, and others, adding that they are "the political equivalent of 'some of my best friends are Black.'"

Liberal elites often dismiss conservative minority candidates to avoid real debate. Hosts like Cross, elected officials, and political pundits don't want minority voters to know that there are good reasons to consider non-liberal candidates, especially those of the same race. It undercuts the narrative that Democrats are the party of inclusivity. Increasingly, the criticism that Republicans don't reach out to communities of color is proving as false as the belief that conservative values don't resonate with minorities.

Now, to the desperate. The stakes are high in this midterm election. The Right enjoys enthusiasm from reliable Republican voters, but also interest from newly disaffected liberal voters who are angry about the draconian pandemic mandates that destroyed livelihoods, as well as the radical race and gender ideology infiltrating schools and inflation. And the Left is fighting apathy among minorities.

Depressed Black turnout could destroy Democrats' path to victory in closely-contested gubernatorial and Senate races such as Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Although Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden won urban areas, President Trump did better in both cycles in cities like Philadelphia.

COMMENT:  Read the rest.  If the trend continues, expect to hear talk of a third party,one that could fill the gap on the center left being created by the current Democratic Party, which has gone to the elitist nuts.

October 28, 2022