William Katz:  Urgent Agenda







Didn't see anything today that changed the general direction of the political campaigns.  The numbers continue to show slow, but decisive, Republican gains...although one must remember that the election will be decided by those who vote, not those who answer polls.  I expect to see the get-out-the-vote campaigns to start with full fury this coming week.

There is a steadiness to the Republican campaigns that is admirable.  The party has done a solid job of planning, and directing funds to campaigns that need them. 

This week we'll see a true political spectacle in New York.  Governor Ron deSantis of Florida will be here to campaign for Congressman Lee Zeldin, who's running for governor against the incumbent Kathy Hochul, the former lieutenant governor who became governor when Andrew Cuomo was forced to resign over scandals.  Watch this week's event carefully.  Governor deSantis is a favorite for the Republican nomination for president, should Trump not run...or even if he does.  A recent poll reported that most Americans want neither Joe Biden nor Donald Trump to run again. 

If deSantis runs, and gets the nomination, Lee Zeldin would fit well in the second spot.  He would be seen as a giant killer, defeating an incumbent Dem governor in a very blue state.  Look, you never know.  It can all come true.  So we'll get to see two stars campaigning together.  Take notes for the future.

By contrast, the Dems are saving their big and little guns for Pennsylvania.  Former President Obama will be in the state, along with current semi-President Biden and Vice President in her dreams Kamala Harris.  They will try to save the Senate campaign of John Fetterman, who is slipping in his race against Dr. Mehmet Oz.  I'll be willing to bet that the GOP campaigners draw bigger crowds than the Dem partisans. 

And watch for some last-minute surprise.  The Dems will stop at nothing, which is what they have to offer.  I wouldn't be shocked if there were an attempt this week to indict Donald Trump.

October 28, 2022