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FRIGHTFUL – AND WE AVERT OUR EYES – The revolution in Iran rages on, and we barely watch.   From the Jerusalem post: 

Heavy clashes broke out between protesters and government forces in Mahabad in northern Iran on Thursday, as an anti-regime protester Ismail Moloudi, who was killed by security forces, was buried in the city.

Videos from Moloudi's funeral showed family and friends chanting "the Shahid (martyr) will not die," according to the Hengaw Human Rights Organization. After the funeral, crowds of protesters marched toward and surrounded the governor's office in Mahabad, with intense clashes breaking out throughout the city.

Heavy gunfire was heard in videos of Mahabad and, according to Hengaw, at least three protesters were shot dead by Iranian forces during the protests in Mahabad, named as Shaho Khazri, Zanyar Abubakri and Kubra Sheikh Saqa.

Internet access in Mahabad was seriously disrupted on Thursday evening amid the clashes, according to Internet watchdog NetBlocks.


In Baneh, heavy clashes were reported between protesters and security forces, with heavy gunfire heard in video reportedly from the scene. At least two protesters were shot and killed in the city of Baneh as well, according to Hengaw.

COMMENT:  It's been going on for weeks, with women often leading the way.  But we seem indifferent here, the public taking its cue from the yawning of the Biden administration, which appears to have little problem with the mullahs.

Wake up!  Wake up!

October 27, 2022