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THIS IS A REAL WARNING SIGN:  Never underestimate the power of an issue that gets into the gut of the American family.  From PJ Media: 

As we’ve previously noted, nearly 70% of likely 2022 voters say that the high price of groceries is influencing their motivation to vote. This spells doom for Joe Biden and the Democrats in November.

However, Bidenflation will not only influence voters’ decisions in November. It will also, regrettably, have an effect on the Thanksgiving dinner. More than a third of Americans, according to a survey by Personal Capital, will be eating less at Thanksgiving this year, with 88% of Americans planning to eliminate at least one dish from their traditional Thanksgiving spread in an effort to save money. But, as Personal Capital notes, “with financial strain and tightened budgets, the easiest way to save money this Thanksgiving may be to skip it altogether.”

In 2020, an Ipsos survey found that nine out of ten Americans planned to participate in Thanksgiving activities, but according to Personal Capital’s survey, 1 in 4 Americans is planning to skip Thanksgiving this year to save money.

While many are cutting costs by not celebrating Thanksgiving at all, others are slashing expenses in other ways. “Many of this year’s Thanksgiving hosts are keeping things simple and affordable by sharing the load,” explains Personal Capital. “Over half of respondents planned to keep gatherings small, make fewer dishes, and ask guests to bring something to the table. Another 42% were willing to ask guests to pitch in money for the meal.”

Younger generations are more likely to use all four methods, while older generations are less likely to use any of them.

COMMENT:   A reduced Thanksgiving?  No Thanksgiving?  Please recall that in the old days of the big-city political machines, the local politicians would give free Thanksgiving turkeys to their poor constituents.  It meant everything to these people.  They could have a Thanksgiving. And they knew who to thank at the polls.

Flash forward to today.  Economic conditions are deteriorating.  The squeeze will be felt at the Thanksgiving Day table.  By families.  By voters.  The 2024 presidential election is only two years away.

October 15, 2022