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IS IT POSSIBLE?  WILL NEW YORK HAVE A REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR:  From the New York Post:  Democrats in tough races across the state are steering clear of Gov. Hochul.
At least five Dems running for Congress who have been endorsed by party colleague Hochul have not only declined to effusively return the favor but even left the governor’s stamp of approval off their own campaign website’s list of endorsements.  “A lot of people have been endorsing me,” said Matt Castelli, a Democrat running in a sprawling district upstate, when asked if he supported Hochul’s endorsement. “I’m excited to have a lot of endorsements from Democrats, Republicans and independents.”  While Hochul has lauded Castelli’s “strong commitment to delivering results,” Castelli, who is fighting an uphill battle to oust GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik, makes no mention of Hochul’s endorsement on his campaign website.  Castelli’s situation is far from unique. In tough races across Long Island and upstate New York, candidates are keeping their distance from Hochul — who is locked in a race with Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin that some polls now say is neck and neck.  New York severely needs a change in the governor's mansion.  Hochul became governor only because she was lieutenant governor to Andy Cuomo, who resigned in embarrassment.  Hochul automatically became governor.  She is known for...well, I'll think of something. 

October 7-8, 2022