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WILL THIS BE THE DECISIVE ELECTION ISSUE?  FROM FOX BUSINESS:  American consumers should expect gasoline prices to keep surging as a result of various domestic and global factors, according to energy analysts who spoke with FOX Business.  Major petroleum refinery snags and policies disincentivizing more fossil fuel production or nationwide refinery capacity have contributed to the price uptick, the analysts said. In addition, the powerful Middle East oil cartel, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), and Russia are expected to announce a massive production cut of up to 1-2 million barrels per day on Wednesday, Reuters reported.  "What OPEC might do very much could dictate where we go by the end of the year," Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, told FOX Business in an interview.   "I had expected at least a good potential that the national average could fall under $3 a gallon, but I think OPEC just threw a bucket of cold water on that by signaling its intentions to be well ahead of any economic slowdown," he continued. "Global inventories for oil remain extremely tight and it's very clear that OPEC is growing addicted to triple digit oil."  Biden essentially destroyed American energy production on his first day as president, to appease the environmental fanatics who have a grip on his party.  This is the result.  When President Trump left office we were, as a result of his policies, energy-independent, and OPEC couldn't control us.  Those good days are gone.  Smart Republicans should make this one of the key issues of their campaign, hitting it every day until the election.  There will be victory.

October 4, 2022