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AND IN THE REAL WORLD:  Isn't it incredible that our midterm election campaigns have barely touched on foreign policy?  Even with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has resulted in the largest ground war in Europe since World War II, and the Chinese threat to Taiwan, which could erupt into major combat in Asia, our politics seems focused, right now at least, on domestic issues.   We've made this mistake before.

Russia is the immediate question.  Vladimir Putin is threatening to use nuclear weapons.  We must assume the threat is real.  Russia's advanced weapons are on the move.  From Fox: 

A top-of-the-line Russian nuclear-powered submarine has gone missing from its harbor in the Arctic along with its rumored "doomsday weapon," according to multiple reports.
NATO has reportedly warned members that Russia's Belgorod submarine no longer appeared to be operating out of its White Sea base, where it has been active since July.

Officials warned that Russia may plan to test Belgorod's "Poseidon" weapons system, a drone equipped with a nuclear bomb that Russia has claimed is capable of creating a "radioactive tsunami," according to Italian media.

The drone can be deployed from the submarine at any time and detonated at a depth of 1 kilometer near a coastal city. Russian state media has claimed the device can create a 1,600-ft. wave that smashes into the coast and irradiates it.

The 600-ft. submarine was delivered to the Russian Navy in July as part of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s top-secret program that aims to develop and operate a series of a new class of "super weapons."

Rebekah Koffler, a strategic intelligence expert and author of "Putin’s Playbook," warned that Russia's use of such a weapon would only come as a last resort "in the event that Russia and the U.S. are in a direct kinetic war and Russia is losing."

Koffler said the device is likely not to be operational until 2027, but Putin may be testing it as a means to intimidate both Ukraine and its NATO allies in the West. Putin has warned that Russia's potential use of nuclear weapons is "not a bluff."

Belgorod's location remains publicly unknown as of Monday, a situation that is not particularly surprising to Koffler. Russian submarines have some of the best stealth capabilities in the world and have even entered U.S. waters undetected in the past, according to Koffler.

COMMENT:  Nice, huh? They're playing with exotic weapons, and we won't even seal our borders. Maybe we haven't really learned the lessons of World War II.  Maybe some leftists in the Democratic Party really don't care.

October 3, 2022