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SAD DECLINE OF A PRESIDENT – OVERNIGHT:  New numbers, even when read over the air by the dreadfully liberal Chuck Todd, give us a grim picture of where President Biden stands, or stumbles, with the American people.  From Breitbart: 

NBC anchor Chuck Todd debuted a new poll on Sunday’s broadcast of “Meet the Press” which showed 71 percent of Americans believe America is on the wrong track.

Todd said, “We have a brand new NBC news poll out this morning still with some scary news for the Democrats. The overarching message, Americans have lost their confidence in President Joe Biden and their optimism for the country. At least they have right now. Just 22% of adults say we are headed in the right direction. A shocking 71% say we’re on the wrong track and that includes a near majority of Democrats who are saying that.”

He continued, “President Biden’s approval rating stands at a dismal 42% versus 54% who disapprove.

Believe it or not, just two months ago Mr. Biden was in positive territory, 49 approving. So what’s pulling down the president’s numbers? Look at this set of numbers, just 37% say he has the ability to handle a crisis versus a majority who say he does not. Thirty-seven percent also say he’s competent and effective as president. 50% disagree with that description. What’s more, Republicans, believe it or not, have double-digit leads in dealing with border security, inflation, crime, national security, the economy, and, shockingly, on getting things done. Democrats hold generally smaller double-digit leads on dealing with climate change, the coronavirus, education, and abortion. That’s really it right now.”

COMMENT:  The president's physical condition was apparently not discussed, but it is one of the most important factors in his presidency.  He just doesn't come off as a man whose health is strong enough to carry a presidency.

Obviously, things can change for the better, but they can also change for the worse.  There is no sense of optimism that Biden can get past his current troubles and go on to lead the country  He seems like a downhill kind of guy. 

And if he can no longer carry on?  The very name "President Kamala Harris" sends waves of dread through large numbers of the American people. 

Who wants to be a Democrat these days?

October 31, 2021