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AS WE CELEBRATE:  Isn't it incredible?  As we celebrate Thanksgiving, real fanatics are at work undermining everything we stand for, and proof of the damage they do will never stop them.  These are true believers, who have turned political movements into personal religions.  Seattle is one of their main bases of operation. The leftist scheming within the City Council echoes the same kind of scheming we see on local school boards.  From My Northwest: 

Despite a rise in crime, some on the City Council are trying to defund the Seattle Police Department again. Too bad it’s getting scant or disingenuous coverage.

And that coverage is part of the tragedy.

The council is currently debating Mayor Bruce Harrell’s budget. Anti-police councilmember Teresa Mosqueda, who once defended a man threatening to murder police, is looking to cut funds from the SPD permanently. She just doesn’t want you to realize it’s part of the defund movement.

Harrell’s budget temporarily cuts $11 million dollars from the budget. The money would have been used to fill 200 open staff positions, but it was cut to fund only 120. The SPD is dangerously understaffed, so why would they cut the budget?

Normally, this would be foolish. But thanks to the virulently anti-police council, it will be impossible to fill the open positions. The department has already lost roughly 500 police since the Black Lives Matter riots and protests. They’ll be lucky to hire the 120 they’re budgeting for.

The budget maneuver is short-term; Harrell does not intend to defund the police. It helps mitigate the potentially crippling $220 million dollar budget shortfall the city is facing due to spending outside its means.

But Mosqueda does not want the cut to be temporary. Her amendment permanently cuts the funding in future budgets. She wants you to think this is reasonable and not in line with her previous successful efforts to defund the police.

“Again, this is not a policy shift or opining on the number of officers,” Mosqueda said this week. “This continues the policy that the mayor’s budget transmitted to ensure that funding is available in the general fund and that the department retains positions and salaries as they’ve defined.”

Actually, it is effectively a policy shift.

Mosqueda’s goal is to defund Seattle police.

The amendment would mean that a Council, already filled with anti-police activists, would decide to fund more police officers when the time comes that police want to work for the city again. Mosqueda, along with councilmembers Lisa Herbold, Kshama Sawant, Dan Strauss, and Andrew Lewis, have worked to keep the SPD small so they can invest in ineffective community programs that go to nonprofits and activists that help keep them in office.

Lewis has changed his tune on policing, and seems genuine in understanding his previous positions hurt the city. Herbold and Strauss have changed their tone somewhat, but it’s for political benefit. Sawant openly hates cops.

Councilmembers Alex Pedersen, Sarah Nelson, and sometimes Debora Juarez have taken reasonable views on policing and the budget. But they might not be able to convince other councilmembers to refund the SPD, especially given there will always be competing left-wing programs or initiatives to fund. Indeed, Mosqueda wants $1.5 million in extra funding to provide taxpayer funded abortions, despite knowing there’s an enormous budget shortfall.

Mosqueda is the new anti-police Queen Bee

While Seattle Police Officers Guild president Officer Mike Solan doesn’t want to lose any funding, even temporarily, he backs Harrell. And he’s concerned that Mosqueda could win this fight.

“Mosqueda is somebody that will continue to push the activist agenda,” Solan exclusively told the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. “And it all comes down to money, period, hands down. How can they get their hands on more millions of dollars for their own activist agenda? And it’s quite clear that the rift between the council and the mayor’s office is real. But I would side with the mayor’s office every day and twice on Sunday against the likes of Mosqueda, who continues to malign and throw police officers under the bus for her own political activist agenda.”

COMMENT:  This is an excellent picture of how local leftism works, and maintains its power.  No matter what we do nationally, the Marxists know that real change occurs in local institutions that receive little scrutiny.  How many Americans actually know who their local councilman is?  Even here in New York, the New York City Council meets five blocks from Ground Zero and continues its hard-left traditions.  Some of its members would make Putin proud. 

Conservatives are currently mounting an effective assault on leftist school boards.  They are flipping one after the other in many states, with sane parents regaining control.  Next up must be the city councils, which are almost always far to the left of the constituents they claim to represent.  Clean up the city councils and you have the most important keys to the city.

November 26, 2022