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THE DEM PANIC EVEN EXISTS ON THANKSGIVING – OVERNIGHT:  The reality is even worse than previously believed.  From dailywire.com: 

New surveys from Democrat Party strategists reportedly show that the party’s brand is in shambles nationwide as the Biden administration deals with skyrocketing inflation, rising fuel costs, a continued disaster on the U.S. Southern Border, fallout from the disaster in Afghanistan, and numerous other problems.

“What they discovered, largely through focus groups and polling, was even worse than expected,” Politico reported. “The problems cut far deeper than the failings of their gubernatorial nominee, Terry McAuliffe, or President Joe Biden’s flagging approval ratings. Rather, the Democratic Party’s entire brand was a wreck.”

People who voted for Democrat President Joe Biden could not name anything that Democrats had done “except a few” who pointed to the infrastructure bill, which was bipartisan. The voters could not say what the Democrat Party stood for or what they were doing on the national level.

“Less than a year ahead of midterm elections, in which even Democrats widely expect they will lose the House and, possibly, the Senate, the party is confronting an identity crisis,” the report added. “It isn’t just Biden’s cratering public approval ratings, inflation, or the precedent that the party in power typically loses seats in a president’s first midterm.”

Politico noted that a Democrat strategist who advises the party’s major donors said after the House passed Biden’s massive far-left social spending bill that it was “[t]oo late. We’re f—ed.”

The report said that skyrocketing inflation, a lack of workers at stores, and supply chain disruptions were having a significant negative impact on the people’s view of the economy.

The most devastating part of the report was the finding that everything the Democrats have been banking their future on — the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the far-left social spending bill — “show few signs of helping them at the ballot box.”

The focus groups found that “2020 Biden voters had little positive to say about him right now” and that “many described disappointment or a sense that he is not doing well.”

COMMENT:  Confirmation of what we see every day – a once-great political party with almost no connection to the American people.  The voters are smarter, and better informed, than the political professionals think they are.  They see a Democratic Party that has rejected and buried its own history, and most of its great alumni.  Jack Kennedy couldn't get into today's party, and probably wouldn't want to join.  Read his inaugural address and imagine a modern Democratic, group-identity candidate speaking those words. 

I'm surprised there isn't yet a movement for a new, center-left party.  But that could come after next year's election.

November 25, 2021