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PROTESTS?  WHAT PROTESTS? – OVERNIGHT:  This site continually warns readers about forgetting major stories, and major threats to this country, simply because they fade from the front page for a time.  Forgetting is normal, but dangerous. 

Consider Iran, and what's happening there right now.  Notice the lack of interest.  From Fox: 

Protests against the legitimacy of Iran’s Islamic Republic continue to sweep across the vast country triggered by a multitude of reasons including rising food prices, the collapse of a twin-tower apartment building killing at least 29 people (with more dead feared under the rubble) and a considerable loathing of the clerical regime.

As the protests continue to intensify and spread, U.S. President Joe Biden has stayed on the sidelines and not personally weighed in on the revolts against the clerical regime.

During Thursday night’s protests in the southwestern city of Abadan, where the building had collapsed, people chanted slogans against Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei himself, saying "Khamenei is a murderer; his rule is illegitimate," despite the deployment of riot police.

Police fired tear gas into the air to disperse the angry crowd of hundreds near the building site, online video analyzed Saturday shows. Videos shared online showed a massive crowd near the Metropol Building on Friday night, with lights shining on its facade. In a second video, demonstrators at street level are seen chanting: "Our enemy is here; they lie that it is America!" A third video showed an angry crowd with one shot heard. The person filming turned and ran, shouting: "Don't shoot! Don't shoot!"

According to human rights activists and Iranians meticulously documenting the regime’s violent crackdown, at least five people have been killed and scores of demonstrators have been incarcerated.

The prominent Iran expert Alireza Nader posted video footage showing demonstrators in the city of Bushehr, located on the Persian Gulf, also declaring: "Our enemy is right here [in Iran], they lie and say it’s America."

The chant "Death to the Dictator!" was also voiced, referring to Khamenei.

The shocking deaths in Abadan prompted Iranian actress Zar Amir Ebrahimi to devote part of her acceptance speech to the suffering victims after winning best actress at the Cannes Film Festival in France on Saturday. Amir Ebrahimi lives in exile due to a smear campaign regarding her romantic life.

"The Biden administration and EU continue to talk about social justice but that just seems to be cheap talk for votes," Banafsheh Zand, an Iranian-American journalist and human rights expert, told Fox News Digital. "That social justice does not seem to extend to everyone around the world though."

"That Biden did not even address the disaster in Iran and the huge anti-regime demonstrations, is another sign of him wanting to cover up the Khomeinist regimes’ crimes against humanity, just so he can make his disastrous [nuclear] deal," she added. "The Iranian people, for the most part, now consider both the Democratic Party and the European leaders as hypocrites and foes."

COMMENT:  I recall how, in 2009, President Barack Obama also turned his back on pro-democracy demonstrations in Iran.  Obama was Biden's boss at the time.  The student learned well.

Around the world, this country is increasingly seen as undependable, a sometime ally, a nation whose president is weak, and easily manipulated by the crackpot left.  We are inviting disaster.  Weakness always invites disaster.

May 29, 2022