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UNFINISHED RACES – OVERNIGHT:  Several critical primary races remain undecided.


Pennsylvania's Republican Senate primary is headed for a recount after celebrity heart surgeon Mehmet Oz and former hedge fund director Dave McCormick finished in a near tie in the May 17th contest.

Acting Pennsylvania secretary of State Leigh Chapman made the announcement Wednesday, noting that the margin between the two candidates was just 902 votes after all of Pennsylvania's counties reported their unofficial results to the state on Tuesday -- within the 0.5% automatic recount threshold. Chapman reported that Oz, who was backed by former President Donald Trump, had 419,365 votes and McCormick had 418,463 votes.

McCormick, as the second highest vote-getter, could have chosen to waive his right to a recount but decided not to. Counties can begin the recount as early as Friday but must begin no later than June 1. Counties must finish counting by noon on June 7 and submit their results by noon on June 8.

COMMENT:  The seat is current held by Senator Pat Toomey, a Republican.  This is a must-hold for Republicans if they want to take control of the U.S. Senate in the November elections.


Centrist Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) declared victory early Wednesday morning in his primary challenge from left-wing “Squad” candidate Jessica Cisneros in a runoff election — despite the race remaining too close to call.

As of Wednesday evening, Cuellar held a 175-vote edge, less than a one-point lead, with 95% of voting precincts reporting in the district — which stretches from the eastern limits of San Antonio to Laredo on the Mexican border.

The margin was 50.2% for Cuellar to 49.8% for Cisneros.

“Tonight the 28th Congressional District spoke, and we witnessed our great Democratic system at work,” Cuellar wrote in a statement posted to Twitter. “The results are in, all the votes have been tallied- I am honored to have once again been re-elected as the Democratic Nominee for Congress.”

COMMENT:  This is possibly the most watched Congressional race in the country.  Cuellar is the last remaining pro-life Democrat in the House of Representatives, and is kind of the House's Joe Manchin.  He symbolizes the dying breed of moderate Dems.  As a result, he is despised by progressives, who put enormous amounts of money into the race.  Led by AOC of New York, who may not know where Texas is, the leftists pounded Cuellar on almost every issue.  Bernie Sanders flew down to campaign against him. 

Cuellar's opponent, Jessica Cisneros,  is the ultimate leftist nutjob.  Among other things, she doesn't believe in any borders at all. 

Even though they disagree with Cuellar on many issues, leaders of the Democratic establishment came in to campaign for him.  They included Speaker Pelosi and Congressman Jim Clyburn of South Carolina.   They fear that if Cisneros wins the nomination, she will be defeated in November and cost the Democrats a seat in the House.  The district is moderate Democrat, not crazy Democrat. 

Watch this one closely.  I want Cuellar to win.  Yes, I'd prefer a Republican, but he's close enough.  The danger of a Cisneros nomination is that she might actually win in November, which would put another extremist in the House.

May 25, 2022