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YOU GOTTA BE KIDDIN' ME – FROM THE NEW YORK POST:  New York Mayor Eric Adams may be eyeing a White House run if President Biden doesn’t seek a second term, confidantes and City Hall insiders told The Post.  “Eric has told me repeatedly that he thinks that he has a platform to run for national office, for president in 2024. He has said that repeatedly. He thinks New York is a national platform. He thinks the national party has gotten too far to the left and he thinks he has a platform to win,” a person close to the mayor said.  A Brooklyn Democratic elected official who was also frequently in talks with the mayor said Adams was “considering a White House run in 2024 if Biden doesn’t seek re-election,” adding that Adams’s advisor Ingrid Lewis-Martin was “running point” on the issue.  There is growing chatter that the gaffe-prone president — now 79 years old — may call it quits after one term, though he has privately insisted he will seek re-election.  Are we serious here?  Adams just became mayor in January.  He doesn't have a single accomplishment on his record...and he's already running for the top job?  Some grown-up should sit down and talk to the chap, informing him there's a real world outside New York City politics, and he ain't a part of it.  Break the crime wave in New York, Eric.  Then we'll talk.

May 21, 2022