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NOT A BAD IDEA – FROM FOX:   Two Virginia brothers have started an initiative to place fathers in local high schools to support faculty and staff, as well as deter violence among students.  Jimmy and Josh Carter of Chesterfield County, Virginia, who have seven children between them, said they were inspired by the "Dads on Duty" initiative in Louisiana, where a group of fathers took matters into their own hands last fall after repeated violence broke out at Southwood High School in Shreveport, leading to the arrest of 23 students over just a three-day period.  When a teenager was arrested in March after allegedly dragging a female classmate into the bathroom at Thomas Dale High School in Chesterfield and raping her in February, the Carter brothers cemented their resolve to get involved.  They reached out to the Louisiana group for pointers while figuring out how to set up their own version of "Dads on Duty," and were encouraged to learn of the initiative's results there. When 40 fathers showed up at the school and took shifts to maintain a peaceful environment, the violent brawls stopped and students went to class.  "The violent crime percentages dropped tremendously, just by having those male mentors and that presence at the school," Josh said.  I doubt if the teachers unions or the education bureaucracy will accept this idea, in part because it actually works.  We must not have that in the equitable world of the future.  But the parents and students might like it.  Let them use their numerical clout to get it done.

May 20, 2022