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THE PARENTS' REVOLT CONTINUES – OVERNIGHT:  Another proof that the revolt by American parents against public education is growing, not receding.  From Redstate: 

Saturday, school board elections were held for four suburban Fort Worth, Texas, school districts. Candidates backed by a conservative parents’ organization won all 10 seats they contested and unseated at least three incumbents.

Usually, school board elections are low-key affairs that draw scant interest. But ever since COVID, Critical Race Theory (CRT), and mainstreaming of sexual grooming in our classrooms brought the stupidity and cruelty of many school board members to public view, they have become a battleground. Once sane people saw the horror show that was the Loudoun County, Virginia, school board, they started paying attention.

Yesterday’s elections were just a continuation of the revolt over CRT  that started last year. Even though we all know it is only taught as an elective in law school and a total non-issue in school board elections, teaching children to observe racial stereotypes and judge classmates based on their skin color is deeply offensive to thinking people.

This election, like the one last year, teaches several lessons. First, if normal parents organize, they are a formidable force. Too often, we parents are too caught up in our lives to pay much attention to school board candidates. If you care about your kids and the country, pay attention.

Second, the GOP has let the label of “nonpartisan” that is attached to school board elections prevent it from endorsing candidate slates. The cretins the left slips into school board slots can only do so because they aren’t exposed.

Lastly, school board elections are critical if we are to preserve our republic. The late Andrew Breitbart was fond of saying “politics is downstream from culture” due to the conservative inclination to ignore the nutbaggery coming out of movie and recording studios. He knew that attitudes and beliefs come from the cultural context and are set in place long before the average person becomes politically aware. I would argue that “education” is also upstream from politics, and if you ignore both culture and education, you can’t pretend to be shocked when they force you to wear a face mask and social distance as they pack you into the boxcars heading for the camps.

COMMENT:  Well said.  The issue of education, fueled by appropriately irate parents, is becoming one of the most powerful issues in American politics.  The Democratic Party is heavily influenced by teachers' unions, and can do little except embrace the status quo.  Republicans won the governorship of Virginia recently largely on the issue of education, and Republicans can win all over the country if they handle education properly, and fully embrace school choice. 

May 8, 2022