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GEORGIA SCHOOLS TO RETURN TO NORMALCY – OVERNIGHT:  Some states are trying to radicalize their school systems as kids return, following the pandemic.  Georgia is not one of them.  From College Fix: 

The University System of Georgia is requiring for next school year’s round of admissions either ACT or SAT test scores from all applying students.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Get Schooled Blog reports that this is part of a larger push by the system to firmly return Georgia’s schools to the pre-COVID status quo.

The system said in a statement that it had “asked all campuses to plan for resuming normal operations for the Fall 2021 semester.”

Further, Get Schooled’s Maureen Downey points out that the system has declined to require incoming and returning students to show proof of vaccinations to be educated at Georgia’s public higher educational institutions, “despite calls by faculty” for just that.

Get Schooled notes that “In August [2020], USG followed most of its peer systems and waived test score requirements for spring, summer and fall 2021 admission to its 26 campuses. However, the waiver was only for one year.”

The fact that the system is now returning to testing as usual appears to incense Robert Schaeffer, executive director of the National Center for Fair & Open Testing.

“The politically appointed University System of Georgia Board of Regents, most of whom are not educators, are bucking a strong national trend by refusing to extend ACT/SAT optional policies for at least another year,” Schaeffer said in response to the decision.

COMMENTS:  Parents must be on guard against attempts to dumb down their schools.  The reopening of the schools provides just the kind of distraction that the left uses to introduce "reforms" that aren't reforms at all.  It is in the schools that one of the greatest battles against socialist indoctrination is being waged.  Eliminating tests and replacing them with a rigged system that advances "equity" is part of that battle.

May 22, 2021