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RETURN TO MADNESS – OVERNIGHT:   So much for our national unity over Ukraine.  There are more important things to do – like cozying up to the Iranian mullahs so Joe Biden can have his Neville Chamberlain moment. Oh, those boyish dreams fulfilled. From Daily Mail:

The White House on Wednesday blamed former President Donald Trump for the way Iran has made strides towards acquiring atomic weapons, as talks to revive a nuclear deal remain stalled.

Trump pulled the U.S. from the Iran nuclear deal in 2018 and reimposed sanctions.

Since then, Iran has stepped up the production of enriched uranium leading analysts to say Tehran has reduced the 'breakout time - the time to produce enough for a weapon - to a matter of months.

This week Russia said it had received guarantees from the U.S. that sanctions on Moscow won't affect its role in the deal, potentially signaling that talks on renewing the 2015 deal can resume. 

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked whether Washington was prepared to remove Iran's Islamist Revolutionary Guard Corps from the terrorism list in order to secure a deal - and pivoted to blame Trump for the urgent threat now posed to the world.
'The deal is not finalised,' she said.

'What I would note and I would just go back to why we're negotiating this deal. 

And right now we're negotiating this deal because Iran's nuclear gains are threatening U.S. interests. 

'There's urgency to taking steps to contain that, which is why we've been engaged so closely. 

'And that is all the result of President Trump pulling out of the deal and Iran moving closer to having the capacity and acquiring a nuclear weapon and speeding up their breakout time. 

'So we are here thanks to the actions of the last president and the last administration and it is in our interest, it is in the global interest, to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.'

COMMENT: It is absolutely disgraceful to blame President Trump for Iran's nuclear gains.  Those gains were well underway when Mr. Trump, aware of solid reports that Iran was cheating on the 2015 nuclear deal, pulled out of the agreement and imposed severe sanctions on the Tehran regime. Iran is suffering under those sanctions, and is seeking relief.  President Biden seems eager to give it to them – fulfilling the wish of our most leftist president, Barack Obama, to turn Iran into an ally of the United States. The fact that the mullahs who run Iran despise America and all we stand for does not seem to be a problem for the Obama crowd.

March 16, 2022