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OUR SIDE IS BECOMING WOKE, WOKE I TELL YOU – FROM PJ MEDIA:    Meet LEXIT — Latinos exiting the Democratic Party.  The LEXIT Strike Force, led by Texas businessman Duke Machado, is running a slate of candidates taking on the Democrats who dominate San Antonio’s city council. The LEXIT Strike Force held a press conference in San Antonio Tuesday to highlight the candidates it is supporting in the Alamo City’s upcoming elections.  Mr. Machado, the strike force’s national director, led off the press conference articulating the group’s core values.

“LEXIT USA completely opposes Joe Biden’s policy on catch and release,” Machado said. “Illegal immigrants coming across our border are just flooding into the state of Texas. These people are being released into our state and they’re hitting our neighborhoods. We don’t know who they are. We don’t know their backgrounds. We don’t know what kind of situation they have medically. They’re just being released. We oppose catch and release.” He called for Biden’s policy to “stop immediately.”

Machado was referring to numerous reports that the Biden administration is relying on local jurisdictions along the border to conduct COVID testing, without providing them any means to quarantine those who test positive. Many such illegal migrants are being released and allowed to travel away from the border.

Machado went on to list the LEXIT Strike Force’s values: a strong border with a completed wall, strong support for the Second Amendment, strong support for police, and opposition to defunding police, which Machado says puts the public in danger. LEXIT also supports pro-life and family values, Machado said.  One of the great lies circulated by the left is that Hispanics favor illegal immigration.   Actual surveys prove that wrong.  Hispanics have the same fears about illegal immigrants as other Americans.  We'll watch what happens in San Antonio.

WELCOME GEORGE ORWELL – FROM NEWSBUSTERS:   An organization backed with millions of dollars from liberal billionaires Bill Gates and George Soros has launched a commission led by radical liberals to fight “mis- and disinformation.”  The commission, dubbed the Aspen Institute Commission on Information Disorder, is co-chaired by leftist Katie Couric Media founder Katie Couric. Couric recently suggested during a segment with HBO host Bill Maher that “we” should “deprogram” people within former President Donald Trump’s “cult.” The commission is also chaired by leftist Rashad Robinson, who leads the Soros-funded and racially charged Color of Change group. Color of Change was recently behind an effort to defund police foundations. The last co-chair, former Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Director Chris Krebs, had claimed that the 2020 election was “the most secure in history.” Krebs's comment earned him backlash from a senior Department of Homeland Security official, according to Fox News.  The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and two organizations within Soros’s Open Society Network — Foundation to Promote Open Society ($2,594,780) and the Open Society Institute ($445,000) — have pumped Aspen Institute with at least $101,854,593 and $3,039,780 respectively between 2003 and 2020, according to Foundation Directory Online data. In addition, Aspen noted that the Commission was “fully funded” by Craig Newmark Philanthropies, the grantmaking organization of liberal billionaire Craigslist founder Craig Newmark. Last year, reporting showed that Newmark had spent $170 million to “save journalism” and “beat President Trump.”  Finally, America will have a real ministry of truth, and Katie Couric will run it.  We should all sleep better tonight knowing what good hands we'll be in.

March 30, 2021