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CHAOS IS THE WORD:  It's the word we hear now every day.  America is descending into chaos.  When the chaos reaches the individual citizen, or his or her family, that's when the word becomes real and the political vote counters start caring.  I think that point has been reached.  From RedState:

Over ten thousand flights were canceled across the nation this weekend, leaving frustrated, desperate passengers stranded in airports thousands of miles from their homes. Ten thousand flights. It’s almost too many to comprehend.

If you read my travel-hell story from Thursday night, you’ll know that I was one of those passengers, and that after my flight was canceled, I was forced to get a rental car (at my expense) and drive 12 hours through the night to get my minor children, who were being let out of camp. My kids could go get a COVID vaccine, a tattoo, and probably an abortion too, but the one thing they would not be allowed to do is check into a hotel room without an adult present.

Today (Sunday), it would seem that we’re victims of double jeopardy: our flight to Los Angeles was summarily canceled, and we have no way of getting back today. The airline’s best offer is two days hence.

It’s one thing to drive from NYC to Savannah, and quite another to drive from Savannah to California (35 hours). We’ve managed to score seats on another carrier, but they didn’t come cheap.

On Thursday, JetBlue and other carriers laughably claimed that they were canceling the flights because of weather. This was garbage, as the weather where we were (NY) was perfect. Why would they do this? If they can claim it was the weather, they don’t have to pay for your meals, your hotel—anything. (Yes, there were some scattered thunderstorms across the nation. Hardly enough to cancel 10,000 flights.)

Thankfully, for my second canceled flight in three days, they’re admitting other issues besides the weather, and so the potential of a reimbursed hotel room glimmers in the distance.

These cancellations come at a heavy price, however. The hotel we had prepaid for Friday night is not letting us off the hook, and we’ve had to pay for a rental car for several days, in addition to extra hotel stays and meal costs. All in all, the unbudgeted costs will certainly run into the thousands.

Many people caught in this mess are really hurting. “I closed my business for several days to take my son on his first trip,” a guy says to me. “I’ve lost thousands of dollars, and we aren’t on vacation, and now I’ve got to come up with more money just to find a place to stay tonight.” Next to him, a woman cries.

COMMENT: Is this what the Third World is like?  Yes, but on a much larger scale.  This is the United States of America, and this is a massive breakdown of our most important transportation system.  We are also told to expect periodic blackouts in the coming months because of weakness in the power grid.  And we are bracing for a possible collapse of law and order when the Supreme Court announces its decision in the Roe v. Wade matter.  And the streets of our cities are hot with violent crime.

Welcome to the start of summer.  What's the president's name?

June 20, 2022