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THE MAYOR SAYS IT ALL – OVERNIGHT:  As readers know, I've had mixed feelings about the new mayor of New York, Eric Adams.  The mayor of New York is an important national figure because New York City wields substantial influence in politics, culture, sports, and crime.  Adams has struck me as a man who means well, but does little to solve real problems.

Today, however, the mayor opened up on his targets, and made clear who he thinks the good guys are, and the bad.  If he acts on his instincts, we may see some progress, and not only in New York.  "If" is a big word.  From the New York Post: 

Mayor Eric Adams lashed out at prosecutors and judges Monday for cutting loose suspected shooters to unleash more gunfire on the Big Apple’s streets — saying the “bad guys no longer take them seriously.”

The clearly frustrated mayor also fumed that soft-on-crime policies were turning the city’s criminal justice system into “a laughingstock of our entire country.”

During a news conference with NYPD officials in Brooklyn, Adams praised cops for being “laser-focused on the shooters” and making arrests but demanded that “the other team must do their part.”

“The courts have to prosecute. Judges have to make sure they stay in,” he said.

“Everyone has to do their part. If not, they go out and come back.”

Adams, a former NYPD captain, added, “And you know what’s interesting? You do a profile, the picture that’s emerging after the shooting, after the arrest, after being let go — You know what they do? They go do another shooting.”

“People no longer believe that you can’t do a shooting in the city,” he fumed.
“No one takes criminal justice seriously anymore. These bad guys no longer take them seriously. They believe our criminal justice system is a laughingstock of our entire country.”

I'm glad someone finally used the term, "bad guys."  I thought it had been banned.

Adams added: “We have to get serious about this ’cause innocent people are dying.”

Hizzoner’s remarks came amid ongoing anger at Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and the controversial “Day One” policies he announced after taking office in January.

The embattled DA later walked back some of the measures, including by declaring, “The default in gun cases is a felony prosecution.”

But everyday New Yorkers continue to blast his lenient approach to law enforcement, with one crime victim recently telling The Post that she’s “beyond outraged” and “very disgusted.”

COMMENT:  Morale in New York is zero.  There had been hope that, as Covid 19 was being brought under control,  the city would return to its delightful absurdity.  But, nothin' doin'.  Crime has replaced disease, for a one-two punch.  Many people leaving.  The city is still in the lock-grip of left-wing politics.  I don't see many smiles.

June 6, 2022