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LET US NOT FORGET – OVERNIGHT:  It didn't take long for the Ukraine war to be shoved off the front pages, but it's still being fought, and fiercely.  It is the largest ground action in Europe since the Second World War.  From Reuters: 

Russia hit Kyiv with cruise missiles fired from the Caspian Sea on Sunday, striking a rail car repair facility in the Ukrainian capital, in the first such attack for weeks, Ukraine‘s army and the country’s railway chief said.

Dark smoke funneled into the sky above Kyiv’s eastern outskirts. At least one person was hospitalized though no deaths were immediately reported, Mayor Vitali Klitschko said.
Ukrainian air defenses shot down one incoming missile at around 6 a.m. local time (0300 GMT), the military said.

Kyiv resident Kostyantyn Nikitenko, who lives near the repair facility, said that he immediately took shelter in his apartment’s corridor when he heard several powerful explosions around that time.

“Every 10-30 seconds the next explosions came. With every new explosion, it was more and more powerful, and I got the impression that it was getting closer and closer,” he said, adding that afterwards he saw a 100-metre column of black smoke emerging from behind a nearby building.

“There hasn’t been a strike on Kyiv in a while, and perhaps most people, including myself, developed a kind of illusion that the worst was behind us. But this was a reminder that the war is still going on,” Nikitenko said.

One Russian missile that was probably headed for Kyiv flew “critically low” over a major nuclear power plant in the southern Mykolaiv region, state-run nuclear power operator Energoatom said on Telegram. It later posted a video appearing to confirm its account. Reuters could not independently verify the footage.

COMMENT:  This can go on for a long time.  The Russians will not accept a defeat.  We have to brace ourselves, and realize that this could turn into another Korea.  We have now committed ourselves to Ukraine's defense.  If they lose, or if we betray them by taking our marbles and running home, it's on us, with all that implies.

June 5, 2022