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THE SIGNS ARE GROWING – DEMS FACE DISASTER – OVERNIGHT:  And of course we're very sad about that.  We wish our Democratic friends the best, and please stop laughing. 

California is now a Democratic problem.  From Hot Air: 

Politico reports on another reasons for Democrats to worry about the upcoming midterms. In deep blue California the number of ballots being returned in primaries is looking low so far.

After this week’s break in the primary calendar, seven states will hold elections on Tuesday. In the biggest of them, California, Democrats are already looking at some troubling early turnout numbers: So far, only about 2.2 million Californians have returned ballots. That’s less than a third of the total early vote at this point in California’s recall election last year.

Primary turnout is traditionally a poor indicator of general election turnout. But Paul Mitchell, a leading political data expert in California, says Democrats have reason to be concerned this year.

Mitchell, who works with Democratic campaigns says everything that can be done to make voting easier in California has been done. And yet, it looks like many Democrats just aren’t feeling motivated right now. He sees that as a potential cause for concern, at least when it comes to congressional races this fall.

At the top of the ticket, it probably doesn’t matter. I would expect the Democrats to be the top vote getters in all these statewide primary elections. And unless something goes awry, they’re probably all going to have easily beatable Republican opponents, and those races are not going to be competitive.

Where Democrats do need to worry is those competitive congressional districts…

If there’s nothing interesting on the statewide ballot in the 2022 general and voters aren’t enthusiastic, just like they are here now in this primary, then, in those kinds of elections, Republicans could win some of these seats…

Democrats nationally need to be looking at California and saying, How do we kind of jolt the electorate into caring about this election cycle and turning out?

COMMENT:  I'd like to see a somewhat more scathing analysis – that the Democratic Party offers very little to voters these days, that it is essentially leaderless, that it is heavily racialized, and that most of its policies are rejected by the American people.  I'd like to see political reporters ask Democrats from different generations whether it's time for a new party..or are they waiting for friends of the Squad to tear down the Kennedy Center before addressing their party's future.

The election is five months away.  There's plenty of time for many political jolts.  But one thing is clear – the morale of this nation is beginning to resemble the darkened American spirit of the Jimmy Carter years.  Then we had a Ronald Reagan who lifted up the nation.  Anyone like that today?  Send us emails.

June 2, 2022