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STACEY, WE HARDLY KNOW YE – OVERNIGHT:   You all know Stacey Abrams.  Stacey is running this year to be governor of Georgia.  Now, she's tried this before, and lost by 50,000 votes.  She then claimed that the election is stolen by voter suppression and that she'd actually won.  Many believed her.  They called her "Governor."  She believed it. 

Now Stacey is running again.  She assumes she will win because the people of Georgia, in their guilt, will make up for the past sin that denied Stacey her destiny.  And it is well understood – you agree, don't you – that the governorship will be a mere steppingstone to the White House, which is Stacey's true place in history.  I mean, does anyone dissent?

Of course, like any mortal, Stacey has a few problems.  First, she's never done much.  Okay, we can ignore that just to bask in her glow.  But second, she has these views on things.  I'm sure it's all a misunderstanding.  See what you think.  From Fox: 

Stacey Abrams serves as a board member of a UPS family foundation that awards millions of dollars to professors and scholars who advocate anti-capitalist and prison abolitionist views, Fox News Digital has learned.

Abrams, who is taking another shot at running for Georgia governor, is currently listed as a board member at the Seattle-based Marguerite Casey Foundation, a private grant-making foundation named after Marguerite Casey, the sister of UPS founder Jim Casey.

The far-left foundation has repeatedly voiced support for defunding and abolishing the police.

Abrams, who has tried to distance herself from the hardline rhetoric of the #DefundThePolice movement in the past, has received at least $52,500 in income from the foundation, according to her financial disclosures.

Abrams's campaign told Fox News Digital last week that Abrams, who joined the foundation's board in May 2021, does not hold the same views as the foundation.

So why is she on the board?  I know.  She likes the way UPS delivers packages.

In December, the Marguerite Casey Foundation and Group Health Foundation announced the recipients of the 2021 Freedom Scholars Awards, which gave $250,000 to each of six professors who are "leading research in critical fields including abolitionist, Black, feminist, queer, radical, and anti-colonialist studies."

The $1.5 million annual award, established in 2020, "counters the limited financial resources and research constraints frequently faced by scholars whose work supports social movements," the foundation said.

One of the professors who received an award was Robin D. G. Kelley, who teaches African American history at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and has argued that capitalism is inherently racist.

In a February NPR segment, Kelley said, "The secret to capitalism's survival is racism."
"So any true liberation has to be anti-capitalist," he said. "There's no way capitalism can save us. And even if you could create a capitalism that's somehow non-racial, which of course, is impossible - but let's say in theory you can do that. We still have deep exploitation and inequality produced by it."

During the same NPR interview, Kelley said his "goal" growing up was to be a "communist for life."

"I was involved in a study group organized by the All-African People's Revolutionary Party, AAPRP, and we'd study Walter Rodney, Frantz Fanon, C.L.R. James, Angela Davis, I mean, Kwame Nkrumah. So this was outside the classroom. This is where I got the real education," Kelley said.

"I wanted to be a communist for life. I wanted to make revolution," he continued. "And it's like, of course, you've got to be a historian to be a real good communist, not the other way around."

During another segment of the NPR interview titled, "There are no utopias," Kelley argued that a truly communist country has never existed throughout history.

"I'm the first to say that what we think of as state socialism or communism has been a disaster," he said. "I'm the last one to defend what actually becomes, in the case of Soviet Union, for example, not socialism at all, but state capitalism that's redistributive. That's what the Soviet Union became. And China's the same thing. China did amazing things in terms of being able to raise the basic standard of living. But China is a state capitalist neoliberal society. We don't have a communist country anywhere in the world. We've never actually had one. It has never happened."

COMMENT:  Okay, we get the picture.  Our Stacey is on the board of a Red group.  And she got on that board in 2021, a year ago.  This wasn't some college membership left over from her youth.   She wasn't an 18-year-old misguided student when she joined. 

Stacey symbolizes the Democratic Party's greatest problem today.  Its left wing has accepted Marxism without apology.  And it expects us to accept it as well.  The leftists know they'll have much of the press and university faculties behind them.  The fact is that, yes, Stacey Abrams is considered in the front rank of Democratic presidential prospects, having done virtually nothing to justify her nomination.  And now this, serving on the board of a far left organization.

So what will happen?  An election will happen in November.  We hope Stacey Abrams is defeated, and the GOP will do everything to make that happen.  But if she wins, look for a "Stacey 2024" campaign to begin, and the left will move that much closer to the ultimate power.

June 1,  2022