William Katz:  Urgent Agenda








THERE'LL ALWAYS BE AN ENGLAND:   Following Boris Johnson's statement that he will resign as Britain's prime minister, his Conservative Party, which has the majority in Parliament, is searching for a successor.  In Britain the process is far faster than in the Yankee colony.  Two outstanding candidates have emerged from early party votes, and the entire party will select a prime minister from those two on September 5th.  From CNN: " Boris Johnson will be succeeded as prime minister of the United Kingdom by either Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss after the Conservative Party leadership race was on Wednesday narrowed down to the final two candidates.  Johnson resigned as party leader earlier this month after a series of scandals led to dozens of ministerial resignations. Ten Conservatives stood in the contest to replace him, and over five rounds of voting, members of parliament whittled those down to two.  Sunak won 137 votes and Truss got 113 votes in the final round, while Penny Mordaunt with 105 votes lost out...Now about 160,000 rank-and-file members of the party will have their say, and in September the winner -- and next prime minister -- will be announced."  Looking at the records of both candidates, I think it's safe to say that both are pro-American and will work hard to maintain the alliance and increase Britain's contribution to mutual defense.  Truss is foreign secretary and Sunak has been finance minister.  The key objective for Washington is to keep the Labour Party out of power...unless you like Karl Marx and the Iranian government. 

HEAR, HEAR:  Fighting back against cancel culture, from Fox:  Entertainment icon John Cleese slammed wokeness for having a "disastrous" impact on comedy during an interview with Fox News Digital.   Cleese was a keynote speaker at last week's FreedomFest conference in Las Vegas where he spoke about how to cultivate creativity, a skill he believes is essential and not just in showbiz, but sounded the alarm that political correctness has become a major obstacle, particularly for young comedians.   When asked if comedians have the freedom to be funny in the year 2022, Cleese firmly responded, "No."  "There's always been limitations on what they're allowed to say," Cleese said. "Why you go to Molière and Louis XIV. I mean Molière had to be a bit careful. And there will always be limitations...But I think it's particularly worrying at the moment because you can only create in an atmosphere of freedom, where you're not checking everything you say critically before you move on. What you have to be able to do is to build without knowing where you're going because you've never been there before. That's what creativity is—you have to be allowed to build. And a lot of comedians now are sitting there and when they think of something, they say something like, 'Can I get away with it? I don't think so. So and so got into trouble, and he said that, oh, she said that.' You see what I mean? And that's the death of creativity."  And of course, killing creativity is a good part of what the left is about.  You must not think.  You must not laugh.  You must only go along.  How exciting.  Come to think of it, I've never known a funny Communist.

July 19-20, 2022