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BULLETIN:  SUSPECT NAMED:  A person of interest has been named in connection with today's mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois.  From the New York Post: 

A person of interest has been identified in Monday’s deadly mass shooting at a Fourth of July parade outside Chicago, authorities said.

Officials said he was 22-year-old Robert “Bobby” E. Crimo III and is believed to be driving a 2010 silver Honda Fit.

The gunman opened fire with a “high-powered rifle” while standing on a roof just minutes after the parade began in the tony suburb of Highland Park, where six people were left dead and 24 others injured.

The killer “was very military-style, methodical in the way he was crouched and shooting,” an attendee told WGN TV.

Investigators found a rifle at the scene that is believed to have been used in the massacre.

Jeff Leon, 57, told CNN the shots sounded like firecrackers and that he initially assumed the noise was part of the parade.

“The police started reacting, and I saw some people falling,” he said.

Chaotic footage showed frantic parade-goers — some of them bloodied — running for their lives as the gunfire exploded.

Leon said people began ducking behind cars to stay out of the line of fire.

Another witness told CNN that she hid in the basement of a sporting-goods store and saw several injured victims scurrying around the scene in a bloodied daze.

Blood pooled at Port Clinton Square in Highland Park, after a shooting at a July Fourth parade.

She said a desperate father put his child in a dumpster as a safety precaution before heading back out to search for other relatives.

Images from the scene showed baby strollers and blankets that had been abandoned amid the mayhem.

Police said cops ran toward the gunfire but that the shooter had ceased firing before they arrived.

COMMENT:  This is a developing story.  We know nothing about motive at this point.  We do know that the alleged shooter was highly skilled, and fired from a rooftop position, sniper style.  More coming.

July 4, 2022