William Katz:  Urgent Agenda








A GROWING CONCERN:  I've mentioned this before, but it bears emphasizing.  Conservatives are becoming too confident about the November election.  Some leaders are already measuring the drapes for their new Congressional offices.  It's in the bag.  A sure thing.  A red wave.  A once-in-a-century triumph.  I certainly hope the optimism is warranted, but that will only happen if the votes are there on election day...and in the days before when those very corruptible "mail-in" ballots are sent in.

Wise contenders always campaign as if they're 20 points behind.   Some of our people are acting as if they've already been sworn in.  Look, the Democrats may be immature and reckless, but they aren't all that stupid.  They have loads of money, and, perhaps most important, they have the powerful media on their side.  One event can change the course of a race, and that event may have already occurred, at least in some parts of the country, in the form of the Supreme Court's abortion decision.  We don't know yet. 

I've noticed that electoral pundits are starting to get a bit more cautious about their predictions, especially about the Senate.  There is still widespread expectation that the GOP will take the House, and that's good.  But remember that it's the Senate that confirms judges. Without taking the Senate, the Republicans are in danger of eventually losing the Supreme Court.

So work hard.  Assume nothing.  Expect the one-sided press to become increasingly more partisan.  Brace yourselves for an October surprise.  The future of America as we know it  hangs in the balance.

July 1, 2022