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GIVE THE MAN CREDIT – OVERNIGHT:  Former President Trump has held a rally in Arizona.  A few nights before, President Biden held a town hall on CNN.

Biden's town hall was, uh, subdued, in the same way that a funeral parlor is subdued.  Trump's rally was gangbusters.  Man Walks on Moon!

It can't be denied.  Trump's base is alive and animated.  No one really knows how large it is, and that's the key question.  But that base is electric.  From RedState: 

Most of the Republicans competing in the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial and U.S. Senate primary races spoke at the event which was hosted by Turning Point Action.

Before Trump spoke the fire Marshall was reportedly saying they’d reached capacity with still more lined up outside waiting to get in. The theater has a 5000 seat capacity.

Most of the Republicans competing in the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial and U.S. Senate primary races spoke at the event, which was hosted by Turning Point Action.

Donald Trump spent a fair amount of time thanking all the people who'd been supportive of him.

Trump hit many topics, first among them was the audit going on in Arizona, saying that he believed the audit would support his position about the elections. He brought up the letter from former U.S. Attorney William McSwain in Pennsylvania, who said he had been told by Attorney General Bill Barr not to pursue election claims but to transfer them to the Democratic state Attorney General, who he already felt had compromised his neutrality.

Trump mocked Hunter Biden and the “ethical deal” the White House had worked on as to Hunter Biden's art. He said they didn’t want to make it transparent. He called it disgraceful and asked if anyone could imagine if one of his kids had done that.

Trump also took some shots at Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) for not standing up as much as he could to the Democrats.

Trump noted how he’d stopped the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. But he said Biden approved it and he stopped Keystone XL, costing Americans jobs. Yet they wanted to talk Russia, Russia, Russia about him, even though he’d been tough on Russia. Trump explained how the pipeline would put Germany in the grip of the Russians if the Germans received that much oil from them...He explained how he was about America First, yet Biden did things that placed America Last...

...Trump said he believed that the Democrats were “playing the ref” by making up things against Bill Barr and Brett Kavanaugh, hoping to frighten them with things like impeachment to influence their actions. He said he believed that’s why Bill Barr backed off pursuing questions about the election returns. Trump said he thought the Democrats really didn’t want to impeach Kavanaugh either, just frighten him into voting differently in the Supreme Court

Trump said that people are now being cowed and the media was going along with it, that when you have “no press,” that’s how you get to a Communist country. He said we were seeing every institution being taken over and weaponized. He called out Critical Race Theory, calling it blatant racism and a radical Marxist ideology. He chastised Gen. Mark Milley for being focused on that theory, and not focused on winning wars.

It was indeed one of the most passionate speeches he’s done of late, fully focused on defeating the Democrats and calling out radical leftism in all its forms as the preeminent issue that we face... in order to save the country.

COMMENT:  Sounds like a man running for president, but I doubt if he'll make his decision for many months.  He'll do a great deal of internal polling, he'll test out lines, he'll measure the degree of support he has within the party, and he'll only run if he has a heavy chance of winning.  You may be sure he dreams of returning to the White House in a limousine driven by Kamala Harris.  He'll make sure she has a license, and insurance.

July 24, 2021