William Katz:  Urgent Agenda







ANOTHER LEFTIST HYPOCRITE – FROM FOX:    A Democratic congressional candidate in Ohio and former co-chair of Sen. Bernie Sanders’, I-Vt., failed 2020 presidential campaign has railed against corruption in her campaign but her political director is under investigation for misusing his own campaign cash.
Former Democratic Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner has made herself out as someone dedicated to rooting out "the corrupting force of big money" in American politics.  However, in that vein, the former Sanders campaign co-chair has a minor problem on her hands: her political director is under investigation for his misuse of over $134,000 in campaign cash over the course of four years.  Newbury Heights Mayor Trevor Elkins serves as the political director for Turner’s congressional campaign. Elkins admitted to misusing $134,100 in campaign funds for personal expenses between 2015 and 2019 and was recently referred for prosecution by the Ohio Elections Commission.  The Ohio Elections Commission voted 5-2 to move forward for prosecution, with Republican Commissioner D. Michael Crites calling Elkins's use of the funds "probably the most egregious and blatant violation I’ve seen during my tenure on this commission."  Turner is seriously bad news.  A leftist extremist with a filthy mouth, she will be the newest member of "the squad" if she's elected, as she probably will be.  Even Hillary Clinton is opposing her.  The Democratic Party needs thoughtful moderates, not recruits with hammer-and-sickle handkerchiefs. 

GREAT IDEA – FROM THE NEW YORK POST:   A new conservative publishing house wants to get the “wokeness” out of bedtime.  Launching this week, Brave Books will focus exclusively on stories for kids, and offers parents “a conservative alternative to the current cultural activism that our children are being taught in schools, in the entertainment they watch and the books they read,” according to their website.  Company CEO Trent Talbot, who had his first child a little more than a year ago, conceived of Brave Books when, he said, he started to notice “that there is a real war going on for the hearts and minds of our kids. And everywhere I looked was propaganda,” the Montgomery, Texas-based dad told The Post.  An ophthalmologist by trade, Talbot pointed to Ibram X. Kendi’s picture book, “Antiracist Baby,” which urges parents and kids to “make equity a reality,” as content that needs a counterpoint. “Once my eyes were open I was seeing it everywhere and I couldn’t unsee it,” Talbot said. “I thought there was a need for books that could help parents teach the values they hold dear.” Wonderful gift for a child.  This man is doing something worthwhile.  We wish him success. 

July 24,  2021