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OUR GUYS ARE DOING THE JOB – OVERNIGHT:  The nation is at a crossroads, especially in the way we educate our children.   But the good guys are fighting back against the lunatic ideas that are flooding our schools.  From Epoch Times: 

Despite growing opposition to critical race theory (CRT) and a growing number of states passing laws to ban it from classrooms, education and teachers’ unions are vowing to teach the controversial subject matter anyway. But one outspoken Florida mom says it’s time to “fight fire with fire.”

“I think parents have realized you have to fight fire with fire,” Quisha King told the Epoch Times.

“You have to be as strong, as forceful, and as unrelenting as they are.”

King is the Florida mother who gained notoriety when she blasted the Duval County school board with strong opposition to CRT. In response to the National Education Association’s threat to go after those who dared oppose CRT, King said “bring it on.”

In an effort to help citizens fight back against the behemoth education system, Tea Party Patriots Action (TPPA) is now distributing a 46-page booklet (pdf) teaching parents and students how to get organized in their effort to fight back.

As described on its website, “the United We Stand toolkit is part of TPPA’s campaign to encourage people to attend their local school board meetings to oppose CRT, and to urge a full return to in-classroom instruction.”

“I think it’s good to help parents understand how to recognize (CRT) and how to detect it because they don’t really understand how it’s being worked into the system,” King said. “It’s a great, handy guide so they’re armed with something.”

“I think we need more things like that,” she added, saying she has also tried to help parents by creating informative videos.

“We encourage every parent and concerned citizen who cares about the future of our country to attend their local school board meeting, learn what is going on locally, and ensure schools are fully open,” TPPA Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin said in a statement regarding their new anti-CRT campaign. “Teachers should be teaching reading, writing, arithmetic, and history without indoctrination.”

“I think there’s a sense of urgency with this because kids are in school for 12 years or 13 years if you include kindergarten,” Martin explained to The Epoch Times. “I don’t think it’s fair to wait just for the elections. We’ve got to understand what’s happening and work to unwind it at a policy level as well.”

“Obviously the first thing is to start going to school board meetings,” Vero Beach, Florida, activist Susan Mehiel told The Epoch Times. “The second thing is to start electing school board members who are true to their word.”

According to Mehiel, people need to start electing “non-teaching people on those boards,” rather than repeatedly pulling from the same barrel of rotten apples. She also suggests people establish a good relationship with their local representatives.

COMMENT:  A good approach.  I think it's clear that the political left learned over the years that they could not win nationally, or even in state elections, unless they started taking over local institutions, which would give them a base.  It's also clear that they've concentrated on school boards, with the obvious intent of influencing the young generation.  One of the most common comments we hear these days from people on our side, about their school boards is, "I thought these were our neighbors."  Now, thanks to the new activism by conservative parents, school boards are at the center of political discussion...and combat.

July 23, 2021