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WHAT A DOPE – OVERNIGHT:  We've all noticed how members of city councils across the country often seem far to the left of their cities.  We have the latest example.  In the last week two New York City police officers were murdered while on a call in Harlem to break up a domestic disturbance.  The local councilwoman, a renowned nutbag of the first rank, flashed her insensitivity while attempting an evenhanded condolence message.  From the New York Post:   A city council member from Harlem offered her sympathy to both the relatives of two NYPD cops gunned down last week — and to their accused killer.  “My deepest condolences to the families of Officer [Jason] Rivera, Officer [Wilbert] Mora and Lashawn McNeil,” Kristin Richardson Jordan wrote on Twitter Tuesday.  “Lives lost due to broken public safety & mental health systems that spare nobody. Harlem stands with the families of the fallen and we will not stop fighting for a safer world for all,” she said...Cops blasted the Democratic Socialist city lawmaker for looping together the two slain officers with their alleged murderer.  “How could she mention a coward, cold-blooded murderer in the same sentence as two heroes,” said a Bronx cop.  “I find it very disturbing to see the perp’s name in the same sentence as the two heroes who are not even buried yet,” said a Brooklyn detective.  A Manhattan cop added: “She put the names of our dead cops with their killer in the same breath she wishes condolences.”  Nothing will happen to the idiot councilwoman.  She's pretty typical of the leftist leadership of her party. 

January 25, 2022