William Katz:  Urgent Agenda







ABOUT TIME SOMEONE SAID THIS – OVERNIGHT:  Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana, a Republican, is a congressional treasure.  When he speaks, he makes his point quickly and clearly.  He's just said something that's needed to be said in this country for a long time.  From bizpacreview: U.S. Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) blasted President Biden’s racial demagoguery on “The Faulkner Focus” Friday while voicing “disgust” with Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) who called the Senate “racist” for not passing the left’s voting rights legislation that would have federalized elections.  Kennedy proclaimed that the hateful rhetoric from Democrats calling Republicans racists needs to stop. He stated that “the American people are getting pretty tired of being called” racist.  “The Democratic congressman, he takes his cues from his leader, President Biden. I don’t hate anybody. I look for grace wherever I can find it. I have spent time with him. President Biden is a nice guy. He is. Is President Biden a perfect person? No. Does he try to do better every day? Also no. Therein lies the problem. He keeps trying to stuff more diapers down the toilet,” Kennedy colorfully asserted.  “He goes down to Georgia two weeks ago and demonstrated raw gut racial demagoguery. And that’s what the congressman is just parroting. … President Biden basically said to tens of millions of Americans who don’t want to have an election month — they want to have an Election Day — who believe that if you vote, you ought to have to prove you are who you say you are. He basically told all the tens of millions of Americans who believe that that they are Bull Connor, George Wallace racists,” he told host host Harris Faulkner.  Exactly right, but I doubt there'll be change.  The Democratic Party is stuck in the 1960s.  Everything is race, gender, and ethnicity.  They are an obsolete entity, and I wish they'd just disappear and allow others to form a new center-left party.

THE END OF CIVILIZATION AS WE KNOW IT – FROM THE WASHINGTON TIMES:   The cartoon mascots that sell M&M’s in television commercials will now dress and act in more gender-neutral ways, the 80-year-old candymaker announced Thursday.  Jane Hwang, global vice president for M&Ms at parent company Mars, told AdWeek that it’s time to minimize traditional gender stereotypes in marketing campaigns for the chocolate candies that feature the characters.  “We took a deep look at our characters, both inside and out, and have evolved their looks, personalities and backstories to be more representative of the dynamic and progressive world we live in,” Ms. Hwang said.  To support the change, the female M&M’s characters will dress more comfortably: Green will wear sneakers rather than knee-high boots and act more confidently, and Brown will wear plainer eyeglasses and more sensible low-block heels instead of stilettos.  Ms. Hwang said Green and Brown will team up as a “force supporting women, together throwing shine and not shade.”  Is nothing sacred?  Even M&M's has now caved.  But remember, Ilsa, we'll always have Milky Way.

January 22, 2022