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CALIFORNIA IN CONFLICT – OVERNIGHT:  The very blue state of California is starting to show some ideological cracks, as residents finally notice that the ideologically left mentality that has run the state is producing one disaster after the other.  Even beaches and sunshine can't cure the damage.  From Fox: 

Sacramento County District attorney Anne Marie Schubert blames the rise in violent crime on liberal DA's allowing criminals to stay on the streets.

Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert said on "Fox & Friends" Friday that the soft-on-crime approach by liberal prosecutors in the state is resulting in more crime, including homicides. Schubert responded to the recent murder of Brianna Kupfer, a 24-year-old UCLA graduate student, calling out district attorneys like George Gascon in Los Angeles and Chesa Boudin in San Francisco.

ANNE MARIE SCHUBERT: "Well, they want to dismantle the system. I mean, when they try to talk tough, it's really just a show because when you actually follow them through with those cases, what we're seeing is that they're really not being tough on crime, they're not holding people accountable. So for instance, in Los Angeles, you've got a district attorney who acts like he wants to hold people accountable, yet he won't file things like special circumstances. He thinks people should get out of prison after 15 years, no matter what they've done. You've got murderers in prison that are toasting Gascon, celebrating that they're going to get out of prison early. So these are the types of things that these policies, these prosecutors are doing. We are emboldening criminals to really commit even more crime."

COMMENT:  You don't hear much talk like that in California politics, and certainly not among most members of the California congressional delegation.  The state where Ronald Reagan served as governor has swung pretty close to being a socialist paradise, and there is more socialism to come if the local leftists continue to stay on the march.

But there have been stirrings from the once-powerful Republican Party of California.  They may even know there's an election coming up.  The party was completely unprepared for the recent attempt to oust Governor Newsom from office, but polls show the residents are fed up with crime, taxes, and mediocre schools.  Maybe, just maybe, the right candidates can be found to stage some upsets.

January 21, 2022