William Katz:  Urgent Agenda







A MAJOR STORY, ONE OF THE BIGGEST POLITICAL STORIES OF THE YEAR – OVERNIGHT.  We're seeing a major exodus of Hispanics from the Democratic Party.  We're also seeing a major physical movement of African-Americans.  The Times they are a-changing. From Breitbart:   Many black Americans are leaving New York and California to seek decent wages and affordable housing in southern states, according to a Washington Post article that ignores the federal policy of importing foreign people to fill jobs and homes in New York and California.  “There is a noticeable lack of black people in these cities that were once the mecca for black America, for  people fleeing the Jim Crow South,” the Post’s reporter told an interviewer.  The Post reported January 14 on the southern migration, which is now reversing the historic “Great Migration” of  black Americans from the South to northern cities during the 1900s:  "For the second census in a row, Chicago and its suburbs lost Black population, which has decreased by 130,000 since 1990. In Michigan, both the Detroit and Flint metropolitan areas lost Black population in absolute terms … Metro New York recorded its second consecutive loss in Black population, losing about 110,000 Black residents since 2000. In California, metro Los Angeles has lost 160,000 Black residents since 1990, while metro San Francisco has lost 90,000."  Many people are migrating from homes in sunny California and wealthy New York to southern states, the article shows:  We don't yet know whether these new migrations will affect the way that blacks vote.  African-Americans are the most loyal group within the Democratic Party.  Will they start to stray and explore new ideas, as they're exploring new locations?  Confident predictions of only ten years ago that blacks, Hispanics and Asians would drive the Democratic Party to permanent dominance are being quietly taken back.

January 19, 2022