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BYE BYE, BLUE BOYS – OVERNIGHT:  The strong trend continues, although many "journalists" won't examine it – Americans are leaving red states in droves.  From the New York Post: 

Droves of residents fled Democrat-run states with surging crime and COVID-19 restrictions last year — with New York, New Jersey and Connecticut among the five that suffered the steepest losses, a sobering new survey shows.

New Jersey led the nation with 70 percent of the people involved in moves fleeing the Garden State, compared to just 30 percent who migrated in, according to United Van Lines’ 45th Annual National Movers Study.

Illinois — home to crime- and shooting-ridden Chicago — came in second with 67 percent of the moves recorded were of residents leaving the state, while just 27 percent were in-bound.

New York ranked third, with 63 percent of movers headed for the exits and 37 percent settling in.
Nearly 30 percent those who fled the Empire State said “family” was a primary factor in their decisions, with about 12 percent citing “cost.”

The survey also showed that the exodus largely involved the wealthy, with those making $150,000 or more comprising 45.3 percent of the total.

It’s unclear when those moves took place, but in April the state adopted a record $212 billion budget that targeted big earners with new taxes that rise as high as 10.9 percent.

Meanwhile, six of the top 10 metro areas suffering from the worst exodus were in the New York-New Jersey region.


California — long a driver of population growth — was fifth-worst for movers heading for the exits, with 59 percent fleeing the state while only 41 percent of newcomers moved in.

All five states with the highest outbound rates have a few things in common: they are run by Democrats, are high-taxed and suffer from spikes in crime.

COMMENT:  Read the rest.  Very good information.  Frankly, I'm not shocked.   Democratic policies have hit rock bottom.  And the Democratic Party, increasingly elitist and racialized, seems less popular than the Covid 19 virus.   I don't know how they do it, but the Dems seem to have chosen, for their themes, some of the most disliked ideas in the record books – winners like defunding the police and teaching critical race theory in the schools.  And at times their leadership appears older than the country.

Roosevelt, Truman and Kennedy, wherever they are, are probably disgusted.  And none of them could get into the Democratic Party today.

January 3, 2022