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YOU'D THINK THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN BROUGHT UP EARLIER – OVERNIGHT:  Everyone by now has heard of 5G, the new ultra-fast communications platform already built into the latest cell phones.  It's about to burst upon the scene.  Or maybe it's just gonna burst.  Seems there are problems, but I don't see anyone in the national administration noticing.  Remember, it's Trump's fault.  From the New York Post: 

Airline executives are sounding louder alarms about the impending rollout of 5G service, warning that the cellphone frequencies could lead to 350,000 delays each year by jamming their in-flight systems.

The ultra-fast so-called C-Band service is set to roll out nationally in big cities on Jan. 5, meaning any rules to limit its strength to address airline safety concerns need to happen soon.

Southwest Airlines CEO Greg Kelly has said 5G is his company’s “No. 1 concern” and an industry group said the new ultra-fast cellphone service could lead to more than $2 billion in flight delays each year.

Airlines are warning of widespread flight cancellations and delays. They say 5G signals will interfere with sensitive aircraft safety systems — which operate near the same frequencies — and could disrupt their ability to land safely during storms, cloudy weather or smog.

If the cell service is deployed as planned, hundreds of thousands of passengers could see their flights delayed, diverted or outright cancelled in 2022, United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby said in a Senate hearing last week.

“It would be a catastrophic failure of government,” Kirby said, predicting that the 5G rollout would affect about 4 percent of all flights.

Government?  Government?  Haven't they heard that this administration can't do aviation and Covid masks at the same time?  What do you want, efficiency?

Both executives called on AT&T and Verizon to delay the implementation of 5G C-Band service, warning of maddening delays for passengers and financial losses for an industry that’s been battered by the pandemic.

Regulators from the Federal Aviation Administration are analyzing cell tower and aircraft data to determine how to address the issue, The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday. About a week before C-Band service is rolled out on Jan. 5, the FAA is expected send out warnings to pilots about which airports will see 5G-related restrictions, according to the paper. 

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel of the Federal Communications Commission, which regulates 5G frequencies, have reportedly clashed over the issue.

COMMENT:  Read the rest.  Buttigieg is considered a Democratic presidential prospect.  This could be his first chance for a truly dramatic failure, something apparently respected in the Democratic Party.   At the same time he could declare airlines and 5G a threat to the environment.  Oh, the lefties in L.A. and Manhattan will love that, as long as their private jets aren't grounded. 

Oh, by the way, you'll notice that airlines are already cancelling hundreds of flights a day because they are short of aircrews and hit with the virus.  Just add this problem.  Fascinating week coming up.  Watch Kamala Harris swing into action.

January 2,  2022